Pics: Groupie Miss Hawaii Threatens Duke Star Kyrie Irving Via Twitter

Updated: May 15, 2011


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If social networking doesn’t already make it easy enough for girls who would normally have NO chance of meeting a “baller”, it seems like these athletes just will never learn. Twitter Model Miss Hawaii is stretching her 15 minutes of “fame” 2 months later as last night she decided to go ham on Kyrie Irving and threaten to leak “videos” of him. Last time we heard of @MissHawaii she provided “evidence” of her association to the Duke guard. Looks like we have a new “Kat Stacks” type of gal- well kinda.

She continued on with her Twitter rants through out the entire night. Stating that Kyrie doesn’t do his work and that everyone can expect her “side of the story” to be on WSHH next week. -___-

This all sounds like a bitter girl to me. Not sure how far her and Mr. Irving got, but I sure hope not very far. She goes on to blast how Kyrie also doesn’t like the feeling of latex very much.

If I were Kyrie, I wouldn’t give this girl the light of day by responding to her via TWITTER! One of you professional athletes PLEASE coach this young grasshopper.

I also found it hilarious that she responded to me in such light. I will pray for a female who feels her worth and validity is based off of how many “ballers” know her. Apparently, I am a nobody because “ballers” don’t know who I am. Oh.Okay.

She even went as far as to screen shot a Missed call and MORE textes from Kyrie.

**UPDATE: Apparently this girl also bamboozles whoever falls for his twitter pics. I got th

ese from a close source of Miss Hawaii and lets just say….well.

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  2. LOL

    June 25, 2011 at 8:27 am

    Photoshop and a good girdle can turn a BEFORE into an AFTER with no dieting and exercise.

    I do feel sorry for her though. It seems like she really has some self-esteem issues.

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