Dwyane Wade Gets Naked for VMAN Magazine Spread [Pics]

Updated: August 30, 2011

Okay maybe he’s not COMPLETELY naked but close enough, right? While I wouldn’t be impressed if I asked a man to send me pics to my phone and he had this much clothes on I think Dwyane Wade is styled fairly well in these pictures.

While I am NOT a fan of Dwyane Wade’s “style” and I feel his stylist should be fired, one image consultant seems to think other wise.

“Dwayne Wade has mastered the art of being a brand,says image consultant Amanda Guralski. “His fashion has evolved just like his basketball skills, going from signature hats to tailored suits. His look is classy, clean, professional and he captures the art of using color in ways that many people are reluctant to try.”

His style is described as elegant and crisp, but off the court I think he seems to try too hard. I’ve noticed him in quite a few fashion fails and to me his “style” just doesn’t look natural, it looks forced. But hey, I’m no image expert, just a girl who knows what I like to see my man dressed in. Check out these “out and about” pictures of DWade and tell me if I’m wrong.


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