Deshawn Stevenson Shows Up at Event Hosted By Draya Michele In Orlando,Still a Couple?

Updated: November 5, 2011


On Thursday night, Draya hosted Terrace 390 in Orlando, Fl. Reports from the night say it went well, wasn’t packed but that Draya was very sweet and a great host. From the pictures, it looked like everyone enjoyed their night.

Word got back to me that Deshawn Stevenson showed up to support old fling Draya for the night. While they were very discreet and made sure the two didn’t take any pictures together, they both chatted it up throughout the night. No word as to if the two spent time outside the club.

Are the two secretly rekindling an old flame?? Just before becoming a favorite cast member on Basketball Wives LA, here at FCP we spilled the tea on Deshawn and Draya’s past relationship together. (they were clearly both more open to take pics with each other at the time. *shrugs.If you like it, I love it. While I don’t find Deshawn an attractive guy, hope Draya watches out with him. Will be interesting to see if the two get back. FCP will keep you posted.

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