Andray Blatche Tweets He’s Innocent, Says He Was Just There When Rape Occured

Updated: January 8, 2013


Andray Blatche, after being questioned by Philadelphia authorities about a possible rape allegation, decided to go to twitter and address the situation. Perhaps he needs to change his wording, but Andray may have just admitted being there when the rape took place, in which he did nothing about. draytweet

I’m no criminal justice major, but if he had any knowledge of his “homie” forcibly having sex with a 21 yr old, possibly intoxicated, female he should be held to some sort of account. Right?

Andray Blatche is a known clubhead and a well known mack around the party scene. This whole “incident” come as no surprise.

I did receive word from a former teammate of Blatche that a member of his entourage has been arrested and that Andray is in the clear, for now. At his point, this will not effect Andray Blatche’s playing time, as he is still scheduled to suit up this evening against the Sixers.

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