Love&HipHop Cast Member Olivia Dating Former NBA Player Tarence Kinsey

Updated: January 2, 2013

Seems as though Love and HipHop cast member Olivia has found herself yet another athlete boo. Last season she was busted claiming a football player who in reality was not claiming the former G-Unit singer in return.

Well now she has landed herself a baller. (well kinda) Olivia can seen sporting her new boo Tarence Kinsey all over the social networks.

olivia-tk3Olivia’s new boyfriend is Tarence Kinsey, former NBA player who briefly played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and who currently has taken his talents overseas. Even as a basketball junkie, I didn’t know who this guy was so I wouldn’t blame you if you never heard of him either. Now that he’s on the radar, Olivia better keep her boo close and away from the groupies. Then again, kind of hard to do when he lives in another COUNTRY.

Anyways, congrats!

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