Could No Condom Wearing Rookie Royce White Have His 5th Child on the Way?

Updated: April 9, 2013


While we are aware of Royce White’s anxiety issues, I think it’s safe to say we can also conclude that he’s allergic to latex.

Fullcourtpumps was the first to mention Royce, who was drafted this year and has under achieved this season with the Rockets, who have sent him to play for their Dleague team for the majority of the season. According to Ballermail sent in to our good friends at BallerAlert, the Rockets aren’t the only ones frustrated with the hooper.


Royce White may have a fear of flying but it is very obvious that he does NOT have a fear of women. The former Houston Rocket has been linked to several women, fathering as many as 4 children, but could a recent romp in an RV have left him with yet another on the way?

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Im writing you because I’m very frustrated. I didn’t want to speak up but at this point enough is enough.

I met royce white back in January in LA on a set for a video blog we shot for a charity organization. Instantly the chemistry was there and we hung out in la (he was there for the Dr Phil taping). We kept in contact, we would text each other EVERYDAY, face time, all that and we called each other best friends.

I visited royce in Houston for all star weekend and down in McAllen while he was playing for the D League. I even hit the road with him in his RV as we traveled across the country to his away games while he was with the Vipers. I was even with him when news broke out that he had multiple women pregnant. He was very upset when your blog put that article out. It affected his anxiety tremendously.

The last encounter royce and I had, I became pregnant and I found out shortly after my last visit with him. He has blocked me on twitter and stopped answering my calls and texts. Royce white did a complete 180 and now I don’t exist to him but I’m left with this difficult situation at hand to handle on my own.

I will hoe ever defend myself and say i am not like those other girls we were friends before anything and I’m hurt and confused as to why I am now being treated like this. I’m not here to bash royce. He was a nice guy. He is just going about this the wrong way. U can’t turn your back to this

I have attached us and the RV he rides in to verify my story

These girls have GOT to stop thinking they are “friends” with these hoopers. STOP “claiming” not to be like “all the rest of the girls”…BLAH BLAH BLAH. You slept with an athlete unprotected because ya’ll were “friends” and now you’re pregnant and he’s not responding. Woe is me.
Ladies, you have GOT t do better!
Hope all these women google some of these men before thinking they are their meal ticket out the hood. Royce White will be LUCKY to be in the league next year, he is certainly headed overseas(if his anxiety allows him to travel that far).
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