Pornstar Lisa Ann Puts San Diego Chargers Johnny Patrick on Blast [Screenshots]

Updated: April 30, 2013


One this is for sure, former Saints Johnny Patrick sure doesn’t know how to keep his shlong in check. It also appears as though twitter is his hunting ground and he doesn’t know how to meet women the traditional way. Either way it goes, BallerAlert  caught wind of a pornstar who took to her twitter page to put the young football player on blast.

Lisa Ann took to Twitter to put Johnny Patrick on blast, claiming he harassed her and is an abuser.

“To explain what @johnnypatrick26 did, well I have never met him. He kept harassing a bunch of us by text to get a hooker. I don’t do privates at all, and I kept tellin him that. asked him to leave me alone, when tweeted that, other girls hit me up. we found out he stole a girl in the Industries phones & that’s how he had all of our numbers, I later had my lawyer look him up. @johnnypatrick26 has been arrested for domestic violence against his baby mamma. He had a violent past. I did nothing to him. I just had to take it to the streets of twitter to get him off my back. NFL code of conduct is no joke.

This shit kills me! Lame ass D list NFL player tryin this hard to get Some ass! Ha, I fucked him over! He is pretty scary with his harassment I got your back if he keeps at you baby! Maybe me and all the girls @johnnypatrick26 has harassed should go to a game this year and toss some tomatoes at him. It will be easy since he is always on the bench! Lmao”

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