Pilar Sanders Dealing with Football Player Impersonator Sandro Duval Aka WeezyTKO? [Photos]

Updated: May 9, 2013


Once a groupie always a groupie and it appears as though Deion Sanders ex wife Pilar is on the prowl seeking out a new baller. The problem here, Pilar isn’t very technology savvy and for whatever reason doesn’t know how to google the men that peak her interest on these social networks.

We all know people create other lives for themselves on Twitter, Instagram, and these various social networks. Well a known impersonator has caught the eye of Pilar Sanders. She better watch her money!

Via BallerAlert:

Not familiar with Sandro Duval? To sum it up Sandro Duval likes to tell women that he is NFL Ballers Devone Bess and Chris Houston. He’s even claimed the identity of Drake’s manager CJ Gibson before. He uses these names to get women, have sports agents give him money and run up huge tabs at the club. He’s been arrested for all of this but it doesn’t stop him from pretending. He has been putting up these charades since 2009 at least and he’s still going strong. Now he says he is a boxer on Floyd Mayweather’s money team. Oh Sis…




Now on to the Baller Mail




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“Remember that guy that use to act like the fake football player? Well he hit me up on instagram and I see he is a boxer now. I also noticed that Pilar Sanders comments on ALL his pictures calling him “boo” and being flirty. I guess she does not do her google research. He was already exposed on instagram by @elevatedreams for stealing pictures of his clothes and shoes, saying it was his. Remember, he even stole pictures of the man’s dog!!!”









Ladies, for whatever reason ALOT of you are STILL falling for this mans antics. If you happen to be following him, UNFOLLOW and report him as spam!

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