Allen Iverson Gets Lambo Impounded by Atlanta Police

Before I begin, I must say I had a problem with giving Mr. Iverson here a title. NBA player? Overseas Turkey Extraordinair? Retire NBA great? Sissy boy? I’m going to leave that part of to you guys. In other news, if you’re in Atlanta and driving around in a Lamborghini, oh and your last name is Iverson, it’s probably a smart thing to have all of your paperwork for your vehicle.

Iverson was recently pulled over in Atlanta for having an expired tag. No drugs or weapons were found during the search. In regular people news, we would have just got a ticket and told to get it fixed as soon as possible. Of course that’s not the case when you’re Allen Iverson. Instead you get your car impounded. Atlanta PD confirmed AI as the passenger.   AI smoothly jumped into the Rolls Royce is friends were driving following behind.

Does this guy EVER have good press? Well it’s easy to say atleast he was passenger. I feel like had he been the driver, this title would have read ” Allen Iverson Arrested in Atlanta while Driving Under the Influence.” But that’s neither here or there. Just jokes guys.