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Ron Artest Reveals He and Basketball Wives LA Star Kimsha Artest Divorced Three Years Ago

To no surprise, it seems as though Basketball Wives LA won’t be too far fetched from the cast in Miami who, aren’t wives at all. The term “wives” is used way too loosely these days but to each his own.

To stop any confusion before the show airs, Ron Artest stepped forward and revealed that he and Basketball Wives LA Star Kimsha Artest divorced three years ago.

TMZ recently revealed that Ron and Kimsha (married in 2003) quietly divorced in 2009. The parting was very amicable and the couple share joint custody of their three kids.

Either she did not want the business out, or she’s simply still in denial. Oddly enough, Kimsha still has no problem with being identified as Ron Artest Metta World Peace’s wife.

Delonte West Releasing Mixtape Called "The Lockout" [Video]

Since he’s no longer rapping about Kentucky Fried Chicken, Delonte West is back in the stu ready to drop a mixtape titled “The Lockout”. We see what he’s doing with his spare time. Is this mixtape considered to be highly anticipated? Probably not.

Check out “The Lockout” album preview here and post your thoughts. It has more Likes than Dislikes on Youtube. That’s always a good sign, right Continue reading Delonte West Releasing Mixtape Called "The Lockout" [Video]

Eagles Asante Samuels Adds Rapper to His Resume [Video]

Once again, an athlete has taken his talents to the studio in attempt to live out their dream of being a rap superstar. I’m kind of interested to see one of these guys show off their singing skills and dropping an R&B song, rapping isn’t that hard. At the end , rapping is just talking fast over a beat. Ha. Okay jokes.

The Fort Lauderdale native teamed up with his boys,  G.U.N.S. (Goons United by the New School) and dropped “Overtime.” Take a listen. What do you think?

Kevin Durant is Tatted Who Would Have Thought? [Pics]

Is this really what we are up in arms over? What about him said, “Thou shalt not have any permanent ink separate from Sharpie on the body”? I understand wholeheartedly that Kevin Durant does close to nothing to incorporate his tattoos into his personality. His clean-cut image comes fully equipped with the university backpack and on occasion the nerd glasses. No one expects someone well-behaved to have body ink. Well, maybe this is a step in the right direction. Maybe now people understand that you do not have to look like a bandit or have multiple piercings in every vital organ to have tattoos.

On the other hand, what Durant is doing may be no different than what professional businessmen and women do every day of their lives. Wanting to take a walk on the wide side, Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane may stop by your nearest body art shop and want some work done. It has nothing to do with how you should perceive them as a person it is just what they desire. But, then they realize that they are working in a business that either frowns upon the body art or they will be put in a degrading category. So, what to do? Put the tattoos somewhere they can be covered at all times in front of their employer and only shown at their discretion. Continue reading Kevin Durant is Tatted Who Would Have Thought? [Pics]

Michael Jordan,Larry Bird, Magic Johnson Land Cover of NBA2k12

If this isn’t clever, I don’t know what is. Three legends are being brought back to grace the cover of NBA2k12.

The video game publisher just unveiled their new triple-threat strategy for the cover of their pro ball simulation NBA 2K12. 2k Sports recently announced that not only will the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, return to grace the cover of NBA 2K12, but this time around, the Chicago Legend will be joined by Lakers great Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Celtics icon Larry Bird.

Each athlete will be features on their own separate covers when the game drops October 14th. Check out the other covers here. Which one will you pick? Continue reading Michael Jordan,Larry Bird, Magic Johnson Land Cover of NBA2k12

Rapper JCole Says He Use To Want to Play in the NBA [Video Interview]

I recently ran across an interview that rapper Jcole had with and this has got to be one of the most funniest interviews I’ve seen in awhile. When asked if he always wanted to be a rapper, Jcole’s response: Yeah, I mean not all at first I wanted to be in the everybody else black. On top of being one of the best lyricist I think the hiphop game has seen in a long time, he seems to be very down to earth.

Check out the video of the interview here. Continue reading Rapper JCole Says He Use To Want to Play in the NBA [Video Interview]