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Lawsuit against NFL star Dez Bryant: Owes over $800k


Looks like somebody is spending money, without really spending it. A lawsuit has been filed against Cowboys’ Dez Bryant seeking over $850,000 from the star athlete. According to sources, Dez is owing back bills dating back to his college days.

Here’s the details:

In his lawsuit, Eleow Hunt of suburban Colleyville said he extended a line of credit to Bryant on the request of David Wells, the player’s adviser and a co-defendant in the case. The year before, Wells had allegedly done the same thing for his cousin, Michael Crabtree, then a standout receiver at Texas Tech who went on to become a first-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers. Hunt is seeking repayment for $588,500 in watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry; $15,850 for NBA and NFL tickets; and $11,000 in loans.Wells has only paid back about $15,000 of the outstanding debt.  (Read full story here ). Continue reading Lawsuit against NFL star Dez Bryant: Owes over $800k

Knicks Carmelo Anthony trips Magic Guard Jason Richardson

We know the slump of the Knicks has taken a toll of Carmelo Anthony’s heart and pride. Since the Denver-NY trade outcomes have flip flopped. Nuggets have been playing fantastic ball and well the Knicks are now below a .500,  clenching on to a #7 seed in the Eastern Conference. Thanks to I caught glimpse of this play of Melo tripping Richardson. All is fair is basketball. Well not really. Appears as though when both went for a loose ball, hitting the court,  Richardson came up with the ball and dished it to Hedo Turkoglu. While getting up Melo tossed Jason’s legs in sense tripping him. Not sure if “trip” is the right term because technically they were both on the ground. Check out the video above.

Kansas City Trial over for OchoCinco


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Since there’s no football going on nowadays seems like Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson has taking liking into the REAL futbol. During the off season if he’s not ranting on twitter or hanging with Fiance, Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozado, Ocho Cinco is testing his talents out on the soccer field. The Cincinnati Bengals WR has spent the past week with SKC however, doesn’t seem like he’s about to be added to the roster. Continue reading Kansas City Trial over for OchoCinco

Golden State Warriors Charlie Bell and his Bachelor Pad

Golden State Guard Charlie Bell has recently started a new segment on his site where fans are able to view him off the court.I first for wind of this from Stiletto Jill at His first video (below) gives everyone a look around his crib MTV style. We get to view his closet and his 10 suites, and even the fridge packed with frozen foods. It’s crazy what these athletes eat.  This player also gets added to the eye candy files and ladies he’s a new bachelor, recently divorced. Also, for Golden State fans and anyone interested in staying updated with  follow him on twitter @flintstone14 and be sure to check out his site

NBA and the Secret Baby

In recent rumors, NBA All Stars Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks married to LaLa, Dwight howard of the Magic, and Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, also married, are rumored to have secret children. Both Melo and Bryant are happily married in the public eye and both have children with their wives. Whether this is new to them, it sure is new to the rest of us. Why keep a gift from god a secret? Well, these aren’t secrets any more. Continue reading NBA and the Secret Baby

No Football? NFL lockout in affect

I’m usually entertained during NFL offseason with free agent trades, unfortunate sexual scandals with players, and stupidity antics of players such as DUI’s or even stealing donuts out of a shop *cough Golden Tate*. But enough of that. Overshadowing even the NFL Draft that takes place next month, the coverage of football has been left with the possible question of: Will there be a football season this year?

The whole league has been affected. During the lockout there are no trades with free agents, no training camps, no football. To put it in a “Lockout for Dummies” summary, this is all about the Benjamins baby, the big bucks, the moolah, the MONEY. Continue reading No Football? NFL lockout in affect

Back as the King of NY

After a long,drawn out ordeal of the future of Syracuse Alumni Carmelo Anthony and where his future would take him, he decided to go back to where it all started–The Big Apple. With the mid season trade that transformed Knicks as a true playoff contender–although I preferred and enjoyed watching the talented Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler in Blue and Orange– the Knicks have added to the competition and toughness of Eastern Conference. Continue reading Back as the King of NY

Vikings: Adrian Peterson compares NFL to "Modern-Day Slavery"

Adrian Peterson, running back of the Minnesota Viking, recently said down in an interview with Yahoo! Sports and made some comments that have since had players and fans in a flimsy. In the interview, Peterson made the comparison of treatment to the NFL players to modern-day slavery. Continue reading Vikings: Adrian Peterson compares NFL to "Modern-Day Slavery"

Grant Hill’s Response to Jalen Rose


The “FAB Five” was a documentary based program which aired on ESPN this Sunday about the outstanding basketball careers of Michigan players Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson from 1991-1993.  In the film, Rose, also the films Executive producer, mentioned that Duke only recruited black players who were looked at as “Uncle Toms.” Continue reading Grant Hill’s Response to Jalen Rose

Dwayne Wade Gains Custody of Children

After an ugly battle in court with ex wife, Dwayne Wade has been awarded custody of his two sons. Wade made this statement about the court hearing and the custody trial between him and his ex wife, Siohvaughn Wade.

“I am very thankful that the court has given me custody of my boys and they are already at home with me in Miami and settling in.Going through a custody trial was difficult and I wish it hadn’t been necessary, but, I felt it was the only way that I could continue to play an active part of my kids’ lives and provide them with a happy and stable home. My hope is that their mother will also choose to play a healthy role in their lives and we can all move on from this in a positive way.” Continue reading Dwayne Wade Gains Custody of Children