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Reggie Bush Joins His Girlfriend Claudia Sampedro In Miami [Pics]

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Reggie Bush has been linked with two females within the past couple weeks and with his new team being the Miami Dolphins, I wouldn’t be surprised if this flame is rekindled.

Claudia Sampedro 21 year old Cuban Model from Miami, Fl. She doesn’t appear to be much different than any of the other “models” down here in Miami who has snagged an athlete but to each its own.

Reggie Bush has also been linked to a Kim Kardashian look alike, Melissa Molinaro  is a d-list actress who actually played Kim Kardashian in a commercial for Old Navy. Bush and the reality TV star split for good in May of 2010.

Watch the Old Navy commercial here. Continue reading Reggie Bush Joins His Girlfriend Claudia Sampedro In Miami [Pics]

Sporty Chick: Hope Solo, USA Soccer Goalie

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Although Team USA fell short to Japan in the Soccer game just last week, the goalie, Hope Solo, caught the eyes of many young guys and the rant on twitter began.

Who is Hope Solo? Hope Amelia Solo (born July 30, 1981, in Richland, Washington) is an American soccer goalkeeper who currently plays for the magicJack of Women’s Professional Soccer. She is the current starting goalkeeper for the United States women’s national soccer team.

I must say, I’m pretty jealous of her name!

Serena Williams' and Her Booty Take Miami Beach [Pics]

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Yet another inspiring gallery for my ladies wanting to look beach right for the summer, and a some photos for my guy readers to enjoy!

Serena Williams was spotted on the beach in Miami where she once again did not disappoint. Besides the now infamous backside, do you see those abs?? *sigh. One day I’ll get there.

She always seems to be enjoying herself, and its great to see her embrace her curves!

That’s rock solid.

Pictures courtesy of BSO

Serena Williams Wears Booty Shorts to Boa Steakhouse [Pics]

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I’m starting to think that Serena is doing this on purpose, then again, it is probably hard to cover up what she has back there. From someone of curves, the simplest fashions come off as “overly sexy”. Continue reading Serena Williams Wears Booty Shorts to Boa Steakhouse [Pics]

Serena Williams Wins Best Booty At 2011 ESPYS [Pics]

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I ran into Serena Williams last night at the ESPY Pre Party at Spot 5750 where I couldn’t pick my eyes up to look at her above her waist. MY GOD!! The dunk is even more serious in person!

She looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet today and not only was her rear end out there, she invited the twins were in attendence as well.

I am trying to get on HER workout plan! Serena honey, give us ladies a workout video PLEASE!

Sporty Chick: Minka Kelly, Derek Jeter's Girlfriend

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 The 3,000 hitter man is off the market ladies. His girlfriend is Actress Minka Kelly who you may recognize as the cheerleader from Friday Night Lights or more recently the TV series of Charlie’s Angels. In 2010, Miss Kelly was also named the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire Magazine.

Here’s Minka Kelly rooting from a luxury box, Derek Jeter got his 3,000th career hit Saturday with a home run against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium.

Derek Jeter , 37, became the first Yankee to reach the milestone and the 28th to do so in major league baseball.

Pics: Playmate Jessica Burciaga is Floyd Mayweather's New Girlfriend

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Looks like Floyd “Money” Mayweather has moved on from Fiance Shantel Jackson to Playmate model Jessica Burciaga.

According to BSO,

50 Cent was celebrating his birthday with his BFF Money Mayweather in Vegas.

It appears Mayweather has dropped his previous lady Shantel Jackson and upgraded to Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga. Either that or she is just the flavor of the month.

Here she is with 50 Cent’s latest girl toy Daphene at the Party.

Continue on to see pics of Floyd Mayweather’s ex Fiance Shantel Jackson, who in my opinion is wayy badder than Miss Burciaga. What do you guys think? Continue reading Pics: Playmate Jessica Burciaga is Floyd Mayweather's New Girlfriend

Pics: Is Shaq's Fiance Hoopz Still A Banger?

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Hoopz has been on the scene for quite sometime now since her debut to the world as one of the girls on Flavor of Love. Since then, she’s been linked to multiple rappers including T.I. and has also had a sex tape leak. But this hasn’t stopped her from being wifed up by the Diesel.

Hoopz is still gorgeous to me and she seems to be happy with Shaq.

Pics: #4 Draft Pick Tristan Thompson Has A Girlfriend

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Ladies look like Mr.Tristan Thompson, #4 draft pick in the NBA draft and featured Eyecandy on FCP is taken! Thanks to the great investigation work from FCP writer @nyhlaabee, we have pictures of the young lady. She seems to be a student at Texas where Tristan previously attended school.

Cute girl. Wonder how long this lasts now that Tristan has entered a whole new world as an “NBA player”. Continue reading Pics: #4 Draft Pick Tristan Thompson Has A Girlfriend