Chad Ochocinco Should Bull Ride

By: Nyhlaa Black ( @Nyhlaabee)

Ocho Cinco is being offered $10,ooo to ride a bull.Would you turn down that offer?

For people who have yet to understand how much of a media whore Chad Ochocinco is, you should be ashamed of yourself. But, why should that be a problem? If you have the ability to show your face and get more money every time you do, why not? He is living every man’s dream. Well, besides the bull riding thing. Only about a handful of America, besides the professionals, would really cop to desiring to take part. Ochocinco should bull ride just because he wants to.

Now, the downside to it could be a career ending injury. But has anything like that ever stopped him before? Chad lives by his own handbook and his sweltering talent allows him to do so. If he was a mediocre football player, his off field antics would mean close to zilch. However, since he is a 10,873 receiving yards WR machine, people tend to ride his back a little more about what he should and should not do.

Like he said, “If I can play 4 quarters with Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis, I can ride a bull.” For some strange reason, I have a feeling he has no idea what he is signing himself up for. But, who doesn’t like a little lockout madness?