Eagles Desean Jackson Not Effected By Lockout Spends $25k At a Club

While many football players are taking out loans to survive and recieving financial assistance from agents, some even going to court to lower child support and alimony, others seem to be living it up during the NFL lockout. Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles showed just that as he twitpiced his receipt from The Colony, a club in Los Angeles.  

Jackson tweeted that $10k was spent at the club in only 17 minutes and by the end of the night the bill had racked up to a staggering $25k. Major side eye. It made me wonder if Mr. Jackson had a financial advisor at all. I’m saying though, could the money not go for something of more value or do you guys believe in the “if you got it like that” method?

In 2010, Desean Jackson’s contract pays him $470k and $565k next year under the contract he signed with the Eagles in 2008. After paying for bills and agents and managers and taxes and everyone else who takes a dip into your money, Desean Jackson isn’t quite in the Randy Moss contract category which will pay Moss $6.4million or even Oakland Raiders’ wide reciever Darius Heyword-Bey’s contract that paid him a whopping $21.4million in 2010.

Back to my point, there is a lockout at hand and I am judging yes, but to BLOW $25k at a club, either A) those bottles were comped or B) you’re a prime example of BMF and being a complete fool Desean Jackson.

Even moreso, a friend of mines racked up $20k from Mr. Desean Jackson during a bet on VIDEO GAMES!! Deasean sir, you’re spending $25k on bottles in a club and losing $20k in video game bets, I see you heading toward Raghib “Rocket” Ismael type of life.

FYI:    78% of former NFL players are broke or financially stressed after retirement, and 60% of former NBA players go broke five years after retiring, according to Sports Illustrated. Broke athletes are practically an epidemic.

Hammer time! “You can’t touch this!”

Desean was also a featured Eye Candy on FCP a few months back, but this however makes him just a tad bit less attractive in my opinion.

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