Javale McGee Planks After a Dunk During Exhibition Game in Phillippines [Video]

Although the planking phemon has died down in the past couple weeks, Washington Wizards Center Javale McGee just hasn’t let it go. I say there should be a height limit to planking, and this 7 footer is just too tall.

While meeting Javale at the ESPY’s, I did ask him if he would plank the red carpet or possibly plank on stage if he won an award, he laughed. But I wouldn’t doubt it if it had crossed his mind. He did seem bum when I told him someone planked the red carpet earlier that day.

Perhaps Javale has not gotten the memo about Planking dying out, either way peep the video of him planking during the game.

The planking craze has died down a little over the past few weeks, but damnit, Javale McGee isn’t done yet. The man who calls himself Pierre is just getting started. And if you’d been wondering when some athlete was going to take things a step too far and plank during an actual sporting event… Well, it didn’t take long.

It happened during an exhibition game in the Philippines, and the craziest part about this video isn’t the planking at the end, but that it comes after Javale dribbles the length of the court for a dunk, then runs the length of the court the other way for a jaw-dropping block. Then he planks.

Oh dear. I swear this kid is lucky he’s cute.