Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives Dating Star Jones' Ex Al Reynolds

Just when I thought Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives and Ex wife to Former NBA baller Williams couldn’t do anything but upgrade, I thought wrong!! I will say Jennifer’s new boo isn’t much better in the looks department than Eric Williams nor are his pockets anywhere close. Check out the pics of Jennifer and her new man after the break.

Reports have it that Jennifer Williams is now dating Al Reynolds, the ex husband of talk show host and Celebrity Apprentice contestent Star Jones.

Al Reynolds looks creepy to me. I can’t put my finger on who he looks like.

This guy seems to be liked by the other Basketball Wives, but clearly who are they when it comes to relationships and their take on men. At the end of the day, none of them are really “wives” anyway. Just a few ex girlfriends, ex fiances, and a dancer who got knocked up by a player.

Al Reynolds is about to trick off on Jennifer with Star Jones’ money. He recently filed a lawsuit against Star demanding her to pay up $50,000 for insults. -__-

Tacky! Jennifer is actually one of my favorite basketball wives and I think she’s gorgeous. Hope she finds better than THIS!

This is a picture of Al when him and Star Jones were together. 0_O