Kansas City Trial over for OchoCinco


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Since there’s no football going on nowadays seems like Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson has taking liking into the REAL futbol. During the off season if he’s not ranting on twitter or hanging with Fiance, Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozado, Ocho Cinco is testing his talents out on the soccer field. The Cincinnati Bengals WR has spent the past week with SKC however, doesn’t seem like he’s about to be added to the roster.

According to sources over at www.Tribalfootball.com, Head Coach Peter Vermes is not considering letting Chad just walk onto his team. “There’s not much that he’s going to do on Monday that’s gonna (make me) be like ‘Oh my god,’ ”Vermes told The Kansas City Star. “It’s obvious he’s not going to have a major impact on our team. But I’m giving him the full benefit of going through the process of a tryout because … he’s been a class act around here.”

Regardless of making the team or not, Ocho Cinco seems to have enjoyed his time with KCS and has shared it to his fans via Twitter. He was spotted tweeting one of his mentors, Christiano Ronaldo ( @christiano on Twitter)

@ochocinco @Cristiano my 1st touch was good but I didn’t know what to do after that,I had a great time though, see you soon #ElClassico

Well if anything, glad to this this athlete is taking his athleticism and putting it to use during the off-season. I enjoy hearing stuff like this. Out of his comfort zone and challenging himself.