Kevin Durant, Baron Davis And Others Organizing Street Ball Game Between Goodman League and Drew League

There was never a doubt in my mind that the players of the NBA would not take long to find something to do with all their free time since the lockout seems more and more like a lost cause every day. However, it does surprise me that one of the youngest men in the league is planning the most interesting event that I have seen thus far. Kevin Durant has a maturity level far above many of his peers, so maybe it should not come as a shocker that he is the mastermind behind a possible tournament between the Goodman League of DC and the Drew League on the West Coast.

Durant came up with the idea not too long after venturing to LA to see what all the fuss was about the Drew League as a DC native. He was impressed enough with what he saw to return for another game and come up with the idea to put together a streetball battle between both the Goodman and Drew League with the help of Cleveland Cavaliers’ Baron Davis and Golden State Warriors’ Dorrell Wright.  The most exhilarating part of it all is that NBA players will be teaming up with Non-NBA players. It is great to see some professional players be shown up by a man of lesser status but higher quality.

The talent in the Drew League seems to outweigh current NBA talent as both James Harden and Tyreke Evans were beaten at the hands of non-leaguers. Who was Harden shown up by?

A kid named Casper.

Not the friendly ghost. Casper Ware Jr., whose father was also the big man on campus in the Drew League, dropped 40 points against Harden’s team for a win. Ware Jr. will be a senior this fall at Long Beach State and increased from his sophomore season points per average by almost six points his junior season. His three-point percentage has slow improved greatly through his years as a 49er and will undoubtedly make a larger impact with his team when the season begins. But for now, he will just settle for defeating some of the league’s brightest young stars.

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