Kevin Durant Doesn't Approve Next Season's NBA Schedule

Despite the NBA Lockout, the NBA has released the schedule for next season as if it will start on time as they have the Dallas Mavericks opening at Home Vs. the Chicago Bulls.

Kevin Durant recently got glimpse of the schedule and voiced his displeasure via twitter.

Despite not playing on Christmas day, I feel like Kevin should rejoice about the season opener as the Oklahoma City Thunder are scheduled to also open the season against the Los Angeles Lakers in LA. The OKC Thunder is also one of the teams with the most televised games in the league as they tie the Lakers with 27.

The Mavericks and Boston Celtics have the most televised appearances, including NBA TV, with 30 appearances.

Since the Thunder won’t beĀ  playing on Christmas, instead you can count on watching the Finals rematch between the Mavericks Vs. Heat and to begin the days action you would have the Knicks Vs. Boston followed by Lakers Vs. Bulls.

This preview of the schedule just excites the ish out of me! *prays to the basketball gods that the season starts on time.