Matt Barnes Speaks on Ejection and Altercation during Lakers-Mavs Game

Matt Barnes has brought the hood into the Staples Center. Yes, we have seen Kobe bump elbows with a few people as well, in the video Matt explains the situation and how he came to make sure the situation did not escalate. You get a side eye from me Mr. Barnes. Just like Lebron had to use the restroom and missed introduction. okay!

Tempers flared and tension rose in the fourth quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ 110-82 victory over the Dallas Mavericks last night.The Lakers had a 90-73 lead when backup point guard Steve Blake drove to the basket and was pushed to the ground by Dallas’ Jason Terry, not sure if intentional or by mistake. Blake immediately went after Terry and a shoving match ensued.

The brawl then escalated when Los Angeles’ Matt Barnes joined in and shoved Terry. Looks like Barnes didn’t do so well STOPPING the issue from escalating. Dallas center Brendan Haywood got involved as well just before the players were quickly separated.

But of course things continued, Barnes wouldn’t stop charging after the Mavericks guard. Dallas assistant coach Terry Stotts tried to hold Barnes back by the Los Angeles bench, but the Lakers guard threw him to the ground.In the post game interview Barnes mentions he did not know it was a coach. He was just being bearhugged and was trying to go to his bench. “I would never push a coach,” says Barned. Blake, Terry, Barnes and Haywood were all ejected.