Miss Hawaii Gets Exposed-Arrests, Prostitution, Naked Pics, and Stalking

Jessica Jackson aka Miss Hawaii couldn’t have possibly thought she could keep running her mouth and poppin off without someone out to get her. Well she got on the bad side of the wrong one, as someone has come forward and given Blacksportsonline all of the dirt. This is the tweet she sent BSO yesterday on twitter, and it went all down hill from there.

What comes around goes around, and when you are a female, you have females ready to bury you. That’s exactly what happened here. Continue reading to see the projects she resides in, her criminal background, and her ads online for prostitution. Also look into the relationship with her and Lakers’ Devin Ebanks.

Lets start with Miss Hawaii’s real name.

Jessica Gaynell Jackson is 24 years old and shockingly (sarcasm) isn’t from Hawaii, never been to Hawaii or has any Hawaiian in her, she is from the Bronx and lives in Parkside Public Housing.

All the boasting about living the baller life, having big money and a closets full of Red Bottoms, as you can see isn’t true.

Miss Jackson is currently on probation for an arrest on Grand Larceny while she worked as a checker at Nordstrom in 2008.  I am sure her probation officer Mr. Ocassio would be very interested in what she has been up to these last couple of years.  We have contacted him at 914995**** and forward all the information from this article to him.

Now that you have a background of the Twitter model, many of you know her for stalking #1 draft pick Kyrie Irving, but this is not her first NBA victim. If you’ve been following Miss Hawaii on twitter you’d remember her claiming to be a girlfriend to Lakers’ Devin Ebanks, again prior to him being drafted. Well Blacksportsonline got dirt on how that went down as well.

 A former friend of Miss Jackson explains how it happened.

She found him on Facebook (she can only get men online cause she takes ok pictures and focuses on her breasts, she uses a lot of Mac makeup, and switches her wigs in every picture. SHE HAS NEVER GOT APPROACHED BY ANY OF THESE MEN BEFORE CONTACTING THEM ONLINE.)

She speaks to them on Skype,  Devin was talking to her on Skype to her for 4 months while he was in West Virgina (before the draft) and when he came back home from West Virgina to NYC, he invited her over.

He was not attracted to her but she was already was there, so he f**** her once, didn’t even let her spend the night, and didn’t call her.

She has several cryptic poems and messages aimed at the ball players she is currently stalking.

Ebanks was able to extract himself from the situation and that is when she turned her eyes on Kyrie. It is common knowledge that Miss Jackson is an “escort” (I am being kind). We first broke the story of that months ago (Miss Hawaii: Duke’s Kyrie Irving’s Stalker Is She a Prostitute).  You can read that to see all how she solicits her “clients”.

Since that time we have been contacted by not one, but 12 different individuals who have either exchanged money for sex with Miss Jackson or answer one of her many backpage ads like this one.

One of her “clients” had this to say.

She said she hates working out of a hotel takes so I had to come to her mother’s house where we f*** in her Moms bed.

Real CLASSY. And we all know her pictures are BEYOND photoshop. Check out this picture of Miss Hawaii. Hmmmmm. Now think about it.

If you haven’t seen the previous posts here on FCP, here are some more pics of Jessica Jackson aka Miss Hawaii.

[nggallery id=48]

Click here to see Naked Pics of Miss Hawaii NSFW

To sum things up, this is how BSO puts it,

There is more to the story about how Miss Jackson’s aunt was in a similar situation and aired out a NFL player on Oprah (guess it runs in the family), how Miss Jackson almost was almost arrested for stalking Kyrie and the Morris twins at the NBA Draft and how she uses a program called SpoofCard that changes numbers on a Caller ID to try to talk to players who no longer want to deal with her again.

My overall point is don’t let Twitter, Facebook or Photoshop fool you. No one is who they appear to be and while they are basking in twitter glory they could still be running tricks on the corner.

Before you send that DM or get on Skype, think about Kyrie Irving, especially if you are an athlete, ask yourself do you want to be on MediaTakeOut?

Unlike myself whose only motivation is to find the truth, others only care about the headline regardless if it is true or not.