Mo and Kita of "The T.O. Show" Express Their Dislike for Evelyn Lozada

So to no surprise, other women outside of the Basketball Wives are showing their distaste for Evelyn Lozada. If you watch Basketball Wives, then you know that Evelyn is the woman on the show everyone loves to hate, and for good reasons. She’s not the most pleasant or friendly female on the show.

Well Mo and Kita of the very popular “The T.O. Show” felt the need to share their thoughts on the over paid Basketball “wife”. In the video they say why Evelyn is the “non M’Fin factor” and how¬† she’s a poor example as a mother, better described as “a walking Yeast infection.” 0___O

Catch the clip below

Video courtesy of JocksandStilettoJill