Model Draya Michele Added to Basketball Wives:LA..But WHY?

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I think I’m going to call myself President of the United States because that’s as true as the title of “Basketball Wives” that these girls are labeling themselves.

The cast of Basketball Wives: LA was recently announced and for some odd strange reason Model Draya Michelle is a cast member, although she has never been married nor linked to a basketball player. So how is she going to be a cast member of Basketball Wives?

Draya Michelle has been linked to being a girlfriend of Chris Brown and Berrian “B-Twice” Bernard, WR for the Minnesota Vikings and seen as Ocho Cinco’s wing man on Ocho Cinco’s Ultimate Catch. Other than these two guys, Draya no different than the other models being flown out by various athletes and getting acouple free flights and handbags from these guys.

This is how the show introduces Draya.

DRAYA MICHELE – Draya is an alleged former stripper, and currently a “model” and aspiring actress in Los Angeles with several music videos and magazine covers to her credit. A controversial beauty with a history of dating Chris Brown and ball players, the funny and engaging Draya says “I have a million haters. I open the list of haters and it rolls across the floor.”

Royce is atleast an ex dancer for the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. This girl is an “alleged” “former” stripper, to my knowledge she is CURRENTLY still a stripper but to each his own.

The only reason we watch Basketball Wives is for the drama. But to simply put a twitter model who has merely slept with athletes on the show is just…….I cannot.

Again, anyone can be on a reality show now a days. Hey VH1, I’m pretty freakin amazing! I’d bring in numbers!

For some reason, I don’t find myself wanting to even watch this lackluster cast of women who proclaim to be “wives”.


H/T Blacksportsonline