NCAA Final Game: UConn V Butler. Who Do You Have Winning?

So the Championship game comes down to the Uconn Huskies and the Butler Bulldogs. Cinderella story for the Bulldogs has now turned into a discussion of Good Vs. Evil as we head to the Championship game. Butler being the more admirable, ethical underdogs and Uconn being the well favored evil of the two. I think this argument is brought up more so because of the coach. While on Twitter last night someone mentioned the 2 “cheaterist” coaches go head to head in reference to the Uconn-Kentucky game. Coach Calhoun received suspension from 3 games next season for recruiting violation. Read more about it here and what other penalties the NCAA hit the Uconn athletic department with including scholarship deductions and not limited to future recruiting restrictions. Don’t look at UConn coach Jim Calhoun, who was ruled by the NCAA to have overseen a program that was not in compliance with the rulebook, and equate Calhoun to UConn. He’s the UConn coach, yes. That’s his program. Those are his players.  So who do I have winning? The cinderalla team Butler? Or the less exciting story of the Huskies beating the #8 seed?

My prediction, regardless of this Good Vs Evil attachment, is that UConn will win the NCAA Championship game. The Huskies is undoubtedly the better team in my eyes. Yes, Butler did play a hell of a game– against #11 seed VCU. The game in its entirety was rushed, unorganized, and irked my nerve to the fact that I noticed NO offense whatsoever was set up when the ball reached the top of the key. I also felt VCU deserved to lose after a player, with the game on the line, decided to try his luck at a layup from behind his head, while being right under the basket, with no defender on him. I would’ve hated his forever if I was his teammate. But that’s just me. The fact of the matter is two horrible teams played each other and the least horrible team won. I did get the pleasure of tuning in to this game, so don’t get me wrong. It was actually a good game between the two teams.

With the talent of Kemba Walker and the backbone behind the Uconn basketball Organization which I have grown to respect, I feel that they will not be tilted to play Butler ball. America likes to root for the underdog though. So I’m sure when the cameras are on Uconn’s sideline and paces across the Coach Jim Calhoun, people are going to wish defeat upon his team. Follow me on Twitter and get my reactions during the game Monday Night. @fullcourtpumps on Twittee