NFLer Larry Johnson Gets Called N word and Sued for Assault by Miami Man

If it’s not one thing, it’s another with these guys. Former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson is being sued by a man who claims Larry gave him a brutal beat down after a Miami party.

Not that I think it will effect the outcome or anything, but people should really watch what they say when giving a police report. The cop’s job is to record what you say. The man suing Johnson calls him the N word and a prick in the police report.

According to the civil lawsuit fild last week, John Phillip Graney says Larry Johnson punched and kicked him after a party in May. And when Miami beach police responded, John told them,

“This n**ger is going down. He needs to learn a lesson, it’s going to cost this prick.”

You can view some of John’s injuries here:

According to the report, John says he suffered cuts to his face and ear, 3 herniated discs and a torn rotator cuff.

When asked about the “N” word comments, his attorney said John does not recall making those comments.  Of course not.

Larry Johnson, who has a history of angry lash outs, has responded through his lawyer saying this is an extortion attempt to get money from him, but of course that is ALWAYS the reason why anyone wants to come after an athlete, right?