NY Jets' Choose Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards' Future Uncertain With Probation Hearing

So, it seems as if Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes are heading in two different directions. Last season, you could find them teaming up as an explosive receiving tandem. Now, Holmes’ five-year deal, estimated to hit about $10 million a year, may just keep Edwards off the squad. Mark Sanchez expressed the unlikeliness of both returning to the team for the upcoming season.

“It was such a luxury to have both of them last year,” quarterback Mark Sanchez said Tuesday. “It’s almost unrealistic to have that kind of a receiving corps again.”

Acquiring Holmes from the Pittsburgh Steelers may be one of the greater moves in franchise history. With a trade deal mildly equating a two-piece and a biscuit, the Jets acquired a man that has the speed and game escalating ability to inspire Jets’ believers. We personally experienced a few of those moments when Holmes kept the tips of his toes inbounds and saved games with his body control. All of those moments more than likely contributed to New York’s willingness to hold him accountable for their long range production next year.

Edwards, with an upcoming probation hearing, must focus his energy on making himself desirable to teams searching for receiver production. There are a few teams that would be willing to take a chance on him if he could make the effort to stay out of court every once in a while. After punching an associate of former Cleveland Cavaliers’ player LeBron James when he was a member of the Browns’ team, he was placed on probation.

As reported by ESPN, if he is found to have violated his probation with his most recent violation of driving while intoxicated, he will be possibly subjected to a $1,000 or up to six months jail time. His fate may be decided as early as August and his hearing puts a bit of a scar on his reputation, because who wants to go after a player who may spend the entire season watching the primetime games with his fellow inmates.


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Donovan McNabb Premiering As Minnesota's New Veteran QB, Wale Takes Shots

Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings seems to be all but a done deal. The deal hinges on McNabb agreeing to a significantly reduced salary. Had Washington picked up his bonus it would have been $10 million+ season for the veteran QB. That will not be the case in Minnesota because of the crushing season he had with the Redskins.

There are still cash cows on the squad while trying to rebuild a stadium, so while they want McNabb, they cannot afford to spend a large amount of money on such a gamble while there are other things to take care of. They must get better at the quarterback position to get better in their rankings, but it relies on whether or not McNabb wants to be a Viking enough to take a pay cut.

To give Donovan more credit than most are willing to, there was no one on the Redskins team to support the talent or dwindling efforts of McNabb. Not to take the blame one hundred percent off of his shoulders, but the Redskins had one of the worst offensive lines in the league with virtually no running game and no playmakers. He wanted out of Washington, especially after how he had been treated as he was benched for the likes of Rex Grossman.

Not to say that the kid is garbage, but have you seen him start lately? Even after being bashed by entertainers and other athletes, mainly Terrell Owens and Bernard Hopkins, McNabb is still a great guy and would serve as an excellent mentor.

With Christian Ponder on the team as a developmental project, it would provide a great route for Ponder to experience McNabb’s work ethic, attention to detail and conditioning first hand. McNabb can also show Ponder how to behave as a man of stature. While we have seen plenty of athletes snap in the limelight, there has never been a time where McNabb quaked his image. You might call him soft but I call him smart and aware with avid self-control. Something that he has not allowed Twitter to take away from him.

Sidebar: While Ponder seems a very excited to have Donovan McNabb join the Minnesota squad, Wale tweeted the following:

So the redskins traded mcnabb for a practice jersey and a gallon of powerade


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NFL Free Agent Adewale Ogunleye is Suing The Mondrian South Beach and Employee Daniel Anaya

Before we get to the details of the story, I want to warn you that the story is rather funny and may cause giggles.

Ogunleye, a defensive end, sued Mondrian South Beach, and its employee Daniel Anaya. He says he got home early one morning to find “the silhouette of a large male behind the glass bathroom door. It appeared that the individual was bracing the door so it could not be opened. The intruder/trespasser was, in fact, an employee of the Mondrian South Beach that had been making use of Ogunleye’s condominium for some time without being discovered by his employer. That particular evening, the intruder/trespasser had been eating a piece of cake in Ogunleye’s condominium, had his phone charger plugged in, and it appeared to Ogunleye, that he had been napping on the bed.

So just imagine. You walk into your condo and someone is hiding behind your bathroom door eating cake. Then you notice their phone is charged in the wall and your bed has been slept in. Oh this employee was having one night stands and all.I can just imagine. Wonder how long this was going on. *giggles.

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Dwight Howard Kicks Back at Comic-Con and Says He Would NEVER Play For the Heat

Although out and about enjoying his trip to Comic-Con, Dwight Howard was still swamped with free agency questions and about his future in Orlando while on a panel for “Kick Buttowski,” the Disney XD animated series in which he voices the character of Rock Callahan.

For the record, Howard said he’ll “never” play for the Heat and when asked about the Lakers he responded, “That’s everybody’s question. I am wearing purple … but that’s Rock’s outfit.”

I always thought the talk about Lebron to Orlando and Dwight to Miami was just ridiculous and [INSERT SYNONYM FOR RIDICULOUS HERE] but to each his own.

Check out more pictures of Dwight and his horrible fashion and beard after the break. Continue reading Dwight Howard Kicks Back at Comic-Con and Says He Would NEVER Play For the Heat

Kevin Love Shows Off His New Mohawk to Twitter

Looks like Kevin Love is trying some new things out during the NBA Lockout and it’s not a mixtape!

KLove of the Timberwolves recently Twitpicd this picture of his new haircut. While mohawks have been out of style for a few years now, I’ll let Mr.Love slide due to his amazing personality and skills on the court.

He seemed rather excited about the change, so if he likes it, I love it. What do you guys think?

Ravens Le'Ron Mcclain Gets Robbed By Twitter Model @Chelly_Rozay Or Did He?

[nggallery id=107]

What happens in the dark shall come to the light is all I am going to say.

Looks like Le’ron Mcclain of the Baltimore Ravens has been duped by some Twodel and he has gone to Twitter to confront her. Just Messy!

Apparently, all of Mcclain’s credit card information was stolen and he’s blaiming Chelly Rozay (by the name and pictures I want to assume she’s a Miami stripper but I won’t jump the gun on that one).

Look at the messy situation unfold via twitter here.

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Drake Throws Opening Pitch at Cleveland Indians Game [Video]

Young Money’s own Drake recently threw the first opening pitch at the Cleveland Indians game and also did a pre interview where he shares with everyone that he used to play baseball when he was younger.

We can all bet his pitch looked better than Wizards’ John Wall, who’s pitch fell way short of the base.

Check out the interview and pitch by Drake here. Continue reading Drake Throws Opening Pitch at Cleveland Indians Game [Video]

Ocho Cinco is Leading Man in Syleena Johnson's New Video "A Boss"

The lovely Syleena Johnson recently dropped her newest video “Like A Boss” which sounds to be another independent women anthem and the caliber of men they only deal with. The video is classy in black and white and stars Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson as the lead man.

Check out the video. Continue reading Ocho Cinco is Leading Man in Syleena Johnson's New Video "A Boss"

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