Patriot's Wes Welker Sticks His Foot In His Mouth…..AGAIN!

Before the New England Patriots faced the New York Jets in the postseason, there was a lot of trash talk, mostly from New York’s lockerroom. Antonio Cromartie had a lot of things to say about quarterback Tom Brady and Rex Ryan just had a lot to say period.

The team reflects the characteristics of their coach on both sides. Wes Welker, outside of Bill Belichick’s character, had  a press conference where he made 10+ references to feet in response to the “Foot Fetish” scandal surrounding Rex Ryan’s wife. Was it disrespectful? A little. Was it hilarious? By all means. It was nice to see someone in the Patriots camp say something back for once. It would have been even better if they could have actually won the game.

Now that the NFL lockout is solid and in place, Welker is stepping back into the spotlight for a comment he made during a free football camp he hosted in Oklahoma City. “Let’s do a lockout every year.” It may not have been the most intelligent thing to say while deliberations are still being held and arguments are being made in the court room. Still, anyone with an ounce of intelligence knew that he was joking amongst children.

Apparently, the NFL owners used his sarcasm to their advantage by bringing his comments to the judge while arguing their side of things. It was a low blow, but anything is fair game when you are talking about millions of dollars and how they will be distributed. Maybe next time he will just keep his mouth shut. Reggie Bush had to learn that the hard way.