Pics:: Chris Bosh's Fiance Adrienne Williams' Modeling Past Revealed

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And I thought Adrienne was a classy lady. As a deactivated model I know the sterotype. If you have pics in a swimsuit or lingerie you are doomed as far as what others “think” of you. If it were’t for the backshot in Smooth I’d say these were pretty decent pics.  Looks like Adrienne too had a past in the Modeling industry. They always say your past will haunt.I’m sure mine will haunt me. Oh dear. Fellas what do you think of Chris Bosh’s woman Adrienne? Hot or Not?

The two are rumored to have tied the knot already but Chris Bosh has stepped forward and denied the allegations saying the two have not gotten married just yet. See more pics of Chris Bosh’s fiance here.

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