Ravens Le'Ron Mcclain Gets Robbed By Twitter Model @Chelly_Rozay Or Did He?

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What happens in the dark shall come to the light is all I am going to say.

Looks like Le’ron Mcclain of the Baltimore Ravens has been duped by some Twodel and he has gone to Twitter to confront her. Just Messy!

Apparently, all of Mcclain’s credit card information was stolen and he’s blaiming Chelly Rozay (by the name and pictures I want to assume she’s a Miami stripper but I won’t jump the gun on that one).

Look at the messy situation unfold via twitter here.

Perhaps these athletes should do background checks before letting just any girl in their home. Hope the sex was worth all this stress. By his tweets, I’d say not even close.

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The investigation work done by Blacksportsonline deserves an applause.  Chelly Rozay went to her twitter to respond to Le’Ron’s accusations.

Never have I ever used LeRon anything for none of my shit. I have reciets for all my shit is documented. My lawyer is gettin my name cleared about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

THis trickin ass nigga tryna cover his shit up Wat happened will come 2 light u dirty mutherfucker cnt believe this nigga leron I got papers about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

This girl just gets a major side eye. But not a bigger side eye than Mr.Mcclain. What in the world was he thinking messing with a girl that looked like that anyway? She looks like trouble. But there I go, probably stereotyping. Whatever, shoot me. From experience, never trust a girl with a chest tat. Never.

….or a lacefront. You just can’t. So for any future athletes who may feel alil awkward letting someone into their home, if they have a chest tat or lacefront, JUST SAY NO!

I told all of the awkward, not so pretty girls that they should look up to Suzie from Basketball Wives as an inspiration if they had dreams of landing a baller. Well here goes a new idol for the hopefuls of the projects.

You are the company you keep, so in this case, I question the character behind Le’ron Mcclain. I am just saying.