Shaq Sends Goons to Retrieve Stolen Sex Tape

This is all just too funny. So wait? Shaq has goons? OH DEAR.

According to TMZ, that seems to be the case. Reports have it that the sex tape that was stolen of Shaq cheating on then-wife Shaunnie O’Neal was taken by a friend of his. When Shaq got word of the where abouts of this tape, it went downhill from there.

Here’s how the incident is being reported:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZLadell Rowles — a member of the Main Street Mafia Crip Gang in L.A. who is friends with Shaq — along with 6 other members went on a search and destroy mission in L.A. on February 11, 2008.  They believed a man named Robert Ross had the sex tape and they tried getting it back with the help of a gun or two.

According to the police report, the 7 gang members met up with Ross at a convenience store — Pink Dot — on the Sunset Strip.  The men allegedly surrounded Ross’ Rolls Royce Phantom with guns drawn, jumped into Ross’ car and ordered him to drive to Rowles’ house in South Central L.A.

Once there, Rowles allegedly pistol whipped Ross and demanded that he turn over the sex tape.  Ross said he would get the tape and bring it back to them.  The 7 men then allegedly took Ross’ Rolex, diamond chain and earrings, along with $15,000 in cash — then let Ross go.

Woah! This is hardcore. **grabs popcorn and continues.

Shaq and his business manager, Mark Stevens, have a record label and allegedly told Ross they would give him a 50% cut in any artists he brought to them.  Ross claims he delivered Ray J to Shaq but got cut out of the deal.

Ross told cops after his falling out, he threatened Shaq by telling him about the sex tape, threatening to release it unless Shaq paid up.

As for the tape, Ross claims Shaq brought women to Ross’ home and had sex with them while he was married to Shaunie.   Ross told Shaq a “security camera” captured the action and it was all on tape.  But Ross told cops the security camera recycles periodically and the video no longer exists.

And there’s another twist.  Around the time Shaq and Ross had their falling out, Shaunie separated from Shaq and Ross claims he began having an affair with her.  Ross claims Shaq hired a private investigator to tail Shaunie and the P.I. caught the two together.

Oh dear. Guess this explains how Hoopz went from messing with T.I. to Shaq. They both aren’t THAT different.

This whole situation sounds messy, although something tells me that Shaunie wouldn’t have been surprised, nor would this have been a tape that would’ve been the most arousing to watch anyway.

Hey, maybe Superhead was the unidentified woman in the video. Hmph. Just a thought.