Stephen A. Smith Calls Deron Williams Ignorant and Selfish


The term ignorant is a strong word to be described as but to add it with the adjective selfish, boy do you have a winner there. Stephen A. Smith recently went ham on Deron Williams’ decision to play overseas during the NBA lockout.

Here is what Stephen A. had to say.

The only thing worse than unmitigated selfishness is a selfish fool too preoccupied to notice the collateral damage caused from his actions, and too distracted to care.

Forgive New Jersey Nets star guard, Deron Williams, and his ignorance. The man just doesn’t know any better.

“It’s not good,” one player told me on Thursday, demanding anonymity before saying a word. “Williams’ move makes sense if you’re about getting that cash. Nobody can blame him for that. But when you’re talking about these negotiations, it’s suppose to be about unity.”

“Here’s the bottom line,” a league executive told me Thursday. “Not only does Williams help the Nets by remaining in basketball shape and helping to globalize the brand, but he divides the players in a way without even knowing it.


To single out Deron Williams though, who has does not define selfish in any way, is pretty ignorant to me Mr. Stephen Smith.  There have been talks of other All Stars taking their talents overseas as well including Kobe Bryant and Knicks new duo Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.

Deron Williams is in talk with Turkey and a $5million contract to play over there, similar to the one Allen Iverson signed when he played in Turkey.

For some reason, I’m feeling like the NBA lockout can get a tad bit messier than the NFL Lockout as players have the option to simply continue making money and continue being in great basketball shape by playing overseas. With Deron Williams already on board, it will be interesting to see if the Turkish club can pair him up with Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant.