Stop Using The Preseason Championship Celebration To Hate Miami Heat

Every time I turn around, there is someone else citing the preseason celebration by the Miami Heat as the reason they hate the franchise. It is almost as annoying as hearing Charles Barkley talk about how whiny they are. The Heat’s Big 3 does milk the “Everyone Hates Us” cow until there is nothing left, but that does not make it any less true. The real reason everyone hates them is because it is easy to.

Let’s be completely honest about the situation. Fans were anti-Heat as soon as LeBron made the decision to go to South Beach. There was no shortage of burning Cleveland Cavaliers #23 jerseys in Ohio and no lack of tweets announcing their newfound anger with the future hall of famer and his compadres.

Media and fans alike felt that this entire free agency fiasco had been orchestrated since each player realized they would be able to make the move seasons ago. The anger sprouted from the constant meetings between themselves and other franchises, when everyone was almost 100 percent sure that the three would meet up in Miami.

Another reason why people hate Miami is because it is simple. They created a powerhouse figure in the East that seemed unfair to any other team in the league. Two of the top five players in the NBA had combined in a big name franchise and the favorites for the EC Finals as well as the World Championship. Their humiliation of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first meeting of the season made things a little clearer too.

Miami Heat is a great team that people love to hate. LeBron James and company need to find a way to deal with it until the public proves otherwise. Winning cures everything.