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Dwight Howard Sports Rihanna Type Wig In Midrid

When I thought Dwight Howard couldn’t ever look ugly, he goes and proves me wrong….again. While taping for a spanish TV show in Madrid, Dwight puts on a red wig that resembled Rihanna’s do. He appeared to have wayyyy too much fun.

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Dwight Howard And The New "adidas miCoach" Video Game

The ‘adidas miCoach’ brand is attempting to venture off iton the likes of a new video game that allows those playing a chance to train with the players like Dwight Howard, Josh Smith and Eric Berry, as reported by ESPN.

“The ‘miCoach’ brand from an adidas standpoint is a service, it’s about personal coaching,” said David Sapienza, the game’s producer. “Their goal is to help athletes perform better, whether that’s being faster or stronger.”

The training game started on the internet but now Adidas is working with video game publisher THQ to put the game in living rooms all over. You have to admit that the motivation to work out rests mainly with what kind of workouts you are doing and who else is doing those workout routines. If you have a basketball or football player in your face shouting that this is what they do and how to do it, there will be plenty of people flocking to stores just to duplicate their favorite star’s physique. Sounds pretty solid to me.