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ESPY Playboy All-Star Party Kick-Off at Boulevard 3

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Last night me and Jackie from ThatSportsbabe.com had the opportunity to do red carpet coverage and enjoy the party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood where Playboy hosted the ESPYs All-Star Kick off. Many athletes were in attendence from football to basketball to boxing to even Olympic speed skaters, as well as top ESPN analyst and of course….Playboy Bunnies.

While Russell Westbrook told FCP he would hit the dougie for us Red Carpet style, Amare simply said he would leave the dougie to the younger guys, “Get Dwight to do it for you guys, he’ll do it” Amare jokingly said.

Amare Stoudemire was dressed flawless last night as he sported a cream get up with nice slacks.

Also, for inquiring minds, Amare arrived seeminly solo as Ciara was not on his arm in attendence.

Stay tuned later in the week for exclusive interviews and photos from the Red carpet and the party that happened inside! It was a spectacle.

Oh and I can’t forget, also open bar. Winning!

Amber Rose Leaked Uncensored Nude Photos

We are all acting like we have never seen Miss Rose naked. The…thinks about it. Not sure exactly what to call her. She’s not a “personality”, uh, the AMBER ROSE we all have grown to know was reported to send nude photos to Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend. False, or so Amber went to twitter and said. Either way, check out the UNCENSORED nude photos of Amber Rose here. NSFW!

In other news, Amber looks just as great semi naked. Right fellas?

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NY Knicks' General Manager Donnie Walsh Is Officially Out

Howard Beck, a writer for the New York Times, tweeted this morning that Donnie Walsh was out as Knicks General Manager.

I cannot tell a lie. I saw this coming the moment Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire and the Knicks were not able to bring about a second round berth in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. With that much firepower, it seems like they would be a shoo-in. That was until Boston showed them why it takes a little more than a swift jumper from Anthony to survive against a championship caliber squad like the Celtics. Continue reading NY Knicks' General Manager Donnie Walsh Is Officially Out

Amber Rose says She Never Slept with Amare Stoudemire

Amber Rose took to twitter to express her feelings on why people are so “cruel” to her and why she has the rep she does. Got the word of Amber and Lil Duval going back and forth on NecoleBitchie.com.Amber just doesn’t understand because she’s a “quiet” girl she tweets. Enough with the crying Miss Rose. She also goes further on to state that she has only dated and had 2 boyfriends, Ex Kanye West and current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. She denied relations with Drake, Fabolous, and Knicks Center Amare Stoudemire. She tweeted this below.

If you all remember Amare came for Amber via twitter.

Continue reading Amber Rose says She Never Slept with Amare Stoudemire