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Former NBA Player Samaki Walker Arrested for Marijuana and Steroid Possession

Not sure if this surprises anyone, but in news you care about, former NBA Player Samaki Walker was arrested yesterday during a traffic stop for marijuana and possession of liquid steriods.

Here are the details.

Arizona authorities allege former NBA basketball player Samaki Walker tried to eat marijuana as a Department of Public Safety officer approached his 2002 Mercedes-Benz following a routine traffic stop in Kingman on Thursday.

Officials said about 10 grams of marijuana was seized from the vehicle along with some prescription drugs and eight bottles of liquid steroids.


Walker explained to the police that he uses the steroids to improve his game, he currently plays overseas. But again, this is news that you care about.

Courtesy BSO

NFLer Larry Johnson Gets Called N word and Sued for Assault by Miami Man

If it’s not one thing, it’s another with these guys. Former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson is being sued by a man who claims Larry gave him a brutal beat down after a Miami party.

Not that I think it will effect the outcome or anything, but people should really watch what they say when giving a police report. The cop’s job is to record what you say. The man suing Johnson calls him the N word and a prick in the police report. Continue reading NFLer Larry Johnson Gets Called N word and Sued for Assault by Miami Man

Former Bengals LB Nate Webster Accused of Raping 15 Year Old Girl

The title is disturbing enough and it hurts my heart to think something like this could be true, but reports tell us that former linbebacker of the Cincinnati Bengals is being investigated for accusations of raping a 15 year old girl.

Here are the details.

Former Cincinnati Bengals middle linebacker Nate Webster is in serious trouble with the law, indicted on seven felony sex crimes involving him allegedly committing sexual battery against a 15-year-old girl, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Continue reading Former Bengals LB Nate Webster Accused of Raping 15 Year Old Girl

Former Eagles RB Reno Mahe Arrested For Stealing Gas

For some reason this made me laugh. No, really though.

Former BYU & Philadelphia Eagles RB Reno Mahe was arrested and charged along with 4 others for stealing more than $15,000 dollars worth of gas from A-Core Concrete Cutting in Utah. An A-Core EX employee had a gas code card that allowed the crew to fill up their vehicles over a 4 year period.

$15,000 in GAS??? I need this hook up! *giggles

When asked about the incident, Reno responded with this:

“It wasn’t like I needed (A-Core)’s gas,” Mahe said. “I’ll pay, if that’s the deal. I’ll pay my portion back if he wasn’t allowed to give it to me. I’m not worried about that part. As a man, you pay back your debts.”

Yeah.Okay Mahe. Sounds good. “It wasn’t like you NEEDED A-Core’s gas”……-____- funny. Basically, Mahe is confused as to why his friend’s benefit plan didn’t include free gas for his friend. Oh.

Even he gave the “yeah right” look in his mugshot.

Miss Hawaii Gets Exposed-Arrests, Prostitution, Naked Pics, and Stalking

Jessica Jackson aka Miss Hawaii couldn’t have possibly thought she could keep running her mouth and poppin off without someone out to get her. Well she got on the bad side of the wrong one, as someone has come forward and given Blacksportsonline all of the dirt. This is the tweet she sent BSO yesterday on twitter, and it went all down hill from there.

What comes around goes around, and when you are a female, you have females ready to bury you. That’s exactly what happened here. Continue reading to see the projects she resides in, her criminal background, and her ads online for prostitution. Also look into the relationship with her and Lakers’ Devin Ebanks. Continue reading Miss Hawaii Gets Exposed-Arrests, Prostitution, Naked Pics, and Stalking

Which NFL Stars Have Been Arrested Since Lockout?

NFL off-season is when we can expect the most erroneous stories to hit our Tvs. Even more so, this off-season has been different from others in the past and the players have more time on their hands due to the lockout and some are not even receiving a check. We can ALWAYS count on athletes to let us down. But I guess they are human just like the rest of us. Thanks to Fox Sports I got a list of a few. So which players have seen the cuffs since the lockout??

1. Vikings CB Chris Cook

Minnesota’s Chris Cook was arrested earlier this month for reportedly brandishing a gun during an altercation with a neighbor. There’s no reports if he was charged. Continue reading Which NFL Stars Have Been Arrested Since Lockout?