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EyeCandy: Cam Newton Poses for GQ

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Everyone knows that the title of a NFL star also gets joined by the title “model”. Heisman trophy winner and highly anticipated #1 pick in the NFL draft Cam Newton recently posed for GQ magazine where he looked exceptionally good looking. He has a Tracy Mcgrady eye thing going on,┬ábut other than that, the young man is very good looking. Enjoy the pics ladies!

Cam Newton's 22nd Birthday Cake is Hot Stuff

Although Cam Newton has yet to make a single dollar from his contract with the NFL due to the prolonged NFL Lockout, doesn’t mean Cam isn’t going to treat himself like the star he is. His cake for his 22nd birthday was lavish and looked like it cost quite a bit. Hope it tasted as good as it looked.

Courtesy of Complex

Should Brett Favre Be Cam Newton's QB Mentor?

By Nyhlaa Black ( @Nyhlaabee)

The last thing Cam Newton needs on his list of ways to clean up his tarnished university image is to have Brett Favre, the sexting moron, tutoring him on how to be a franchise quarterback. Not taking anything away from how great Favre was, but is that really a way to welcome him into the league? Continue reading Should Brett Favre Be Cam Newton's QB Mentor?