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Ron Artest Reveals He and Basketball Wives LA Star Kimsha Artest Divorced Three Years Ago

To no surprise, it seems as though Basketball Wives LA won’t be too far fetched from the cast in Miami who, aren’t wives at all. The term “wives” is used way too loosely these days but to each his own.

To stop any confusion before the show airs, Ron Artest stepped forward and revealed that he and Basketball Wives LA Star Kimsha Artest divorced three years ago.

TMZ recently revealed that Ron and Kimsha (married in 2003) quietly divorced in 2009. The parting was very amicable and the couple share joint custody of their three kids.

Either she did not want the business out, or she’s simply still in denial. Oddly enough, Kimsha still has no problem with being identified as Ron Artest Metta World Peace’s wife.

Gilbert Arenas Sues Lauren Govan For Her Appearance on Basketball Wives

If following Gilbert Arenas on twitter didn’t add entertain you enough, Gil is now taking the same role as Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh to make sure that his wife doesn’t share their personal life with the world. Lauren’s sister Gloria, fiance to Lakers Matt Barnes, has already started filming for the LA Basketball Wives and Arenas has stepped in. Continue reading Gilbert Arenas Sues Lauren Govan For Her Appearance on Basketball Wives

LA Lakers' Ron Artest Changing His Name To "Metta World Peace"

Ron Artest’s personality is on the up and up. At least it has seemed that way throughout the season as Artest seemed to become a peacemaker of the franchise. Far removed from his days with the Indiana Pacers, Artest is looking to take his step towards peace a little further than expected. Ron Artest will be known as “Metta World Peace”.

How serious is he about this? Artest has actually gone to the Los Angeles County Superior Court to legalize it all. Hopefully his name change has more to do with actually desiring world peace, than promoting either of his new reality shows, The Last Second Shot or Basketball Wives’ LA Edition.