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LaLa Speaks about Husband Carmelo Anthony and Secret Love Child Allegations


Lala Vasquez-Anthony recent sat down with Angela Yee and the Breakfast Club and discussed the move to New York with husband Carmelo Anthony, former Denver Nuggets forward, her role as a wife, her new VH1 show, and speaks on the alleged Secret Love Child. Lala has definitely become quite the looker compared to Pre- Anthony. I’m just saying. But if you like it, I love it. Click to read more and watch Video.

When asked about the allege Love Child Lala remarked “The story is laughable. Like anonymous emails sent [saying] that’s the reason why we moved to New York [and] I knew about it the whole time. Let me just tell you one thing, if I knew about a baby…first of all, what kind of women would it make me to say “hide your kid”? Lala also discusses Basketball Wives and why she turned down the opportunity proposed by Shaunie, her thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s single, and if Ciara is really dating Amare Stoudemire. Continue reading LaLa Speaks about Husband Carmelo Anthony and Secret Love Child Allegations

NBA and the Secret Baby

In recent rumors, NBA All Stars Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks married to LaLa, Dwight howard of the Magic, and Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, also married, are rumored to have secret children. Both Melo and Bryant are happily married in the public eye and both have children with their wives. Whether this is new to them, it sure is new to the rest of us. Why keep a gift from god a secret? Well, these aren’t secrets any more. Continue reading NBA and the Secret Baby

Rapper Trina to Join Basketball Wives

Now being that this story was on Mediatakeout.com, which everyone knows they sometimes put up some BS , recently posted that a “very credible source” -they like to always say this- has given them insight that if Shaunie is willing to pay up, the Miami rapper Trina will be on the show. Why not? I guess just throw her in the bunch of NON-wives as Trina previously was linked to Denver Nuggets Foward Kenyon Martin. Click to read on.

Continue reading Rapper Trina to Join Basketball Wives

Khloe and Lamar in April

And I am still not sick of hearing about these girls. In latest Kardashian news April will be the season Premier of Khloe and Lamar. If I could mold Kim to and Khloe together– Kims looks with Khloe’s personality into one person I would meet my match made in heaven. I personally am excited to see these two with their own show. Like others, I didn’t expect them to last this long. With all the reality shows coming out what are your thoughts of this show?