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ESPY Playboy All-Star Party Kick-Off at Boulevard 3

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Last night me and Jackie from ThatSportsbabe.com had the opportunity to do red carpet coverage and enjoy the party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood where Playboy hosted the ESPYs All-Star Kick off. Many athletes were in attendence from football to basketball to boxing to even Olympic speed skaters, as well as top ESPN analyst and of course….Playboy Bunnies.

While Russell Westbrook told FCP he would hit the dougie for us Red Carpet style, Amare simply said he would leave the dougie to the younger guys, “Get Dwight to do it for you guys, he’ll do it” Amare jokingly said.

Amare Stoudemire was dressed flawless last night as he sported a cream get up with nice slacks.

Also, for inquiring minds, Amare arrived seeminly solo as Ciara was not on his arm in attendence.

Stay tuned later in the week for exclusive interviews and photos from the Red carpet and the party that happened inside! It was a spectacle.

Oh and I can’t forget, also open bar. Winning!

Kobe Bryant Embarrasses Rapper BowWow On the Court [Video]

Not sure what kind of match up this REALLY is, as BowWow is not really any where remotely close to “Like Mike”, the movie he starred in as a 13 year old boy who went to the league with shoes supposedly once owned by Michael Jordan. Anyways, BowWow put the money where is mouth is.

According to JocksandStilettoJill, Kobe Bryant took on rapper Bow wow in a one on one game during the last day of Kobe’s Skills Academy Basketball camp. Bow wow (who by the way openly claimed forget Kobe, he’s a “LeBron guy” on Twitter a few months ago) bet $1000 that Kobe couldn’t beat him. Well, you pretty much know how that turned out.

Watch the video here. Continue reading Kobe Bryant Embarrasses Rapper BowWow On the Court [Video]

Jimmer Fredette Is Getting His Own Reality Show

Ever wondered what it would be like to live a day in the shoes of Jimmer? Okay well how about wonder the experience and days lived through a college prospect going through the NBA draft process? Well combine the two and you have NBA prospect Jimmer Fredette of BYU coming to your television screens with a reality show. Seriously, EVERYTHING is made into a reality show now a days.

THP will follow the drama of Jimmer’s every move as he transitions from great college player to NBA professional including: agent interaction, financial planning, training and nutrition, appearances, and private moments all the way up to the NBA Draft itself. Continue reading Jimmer Fredette Is Getting His Own Reality Show

Kemba Walker Admits to Have Read Only One Book His Entire Life

Oh dear. At least athletes don’t look as dumb as they are. This is why I am disturbed by college and the whole process. Let’s give someone a full ride to college because they can kick a football or bounce a ball, but hey we can just ignore their lack of academics. So Kemba Walker recently admitted to recently reading his first book EVER. This is a time where it’s just better not to say anything at all.

New York – UConn’s star guard concedes that he’s only read one book cover-to-cover in his entire life… and yet somehow managed to complete college in three years. Continue reading Kemba Walker Admits to Have Read Only One Book His Entire Life

Video:Miami Heat Crush Boston Celtics. Lebron James Vs. Jermaine O'Neal

Who said basketball wasn’t physical? Sunday night was full of flames and the Heat brought the fire as they dominated the Celtics and came out with the win with a score of 100-77, giving them the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference Finals. This was a tough match and couldn’t go without emotion. As we near the playoffs these players are bringing their hearts on the court. In the first half of the game the tension rose. As Lebron scurried down the court on a fast break, Jermaine O’Neal beat him down the court. Instead of O’neal taking the charge or attempting to block the shot, he throws his shoulder into Lebron causing a chain reaction. This resulted in Lebron recieving a technical as well as a quick push and shove scuffle between Pierce and Wade.

Andrew Bynum Hires Floyd Mayweathers Dad to Train Him Postseason

Thanks to the people over at Complex, I’ve caught news of the 7footer Andrew Bynum from the LA Lakers. For most of the season this guy has been benched due to injury but has lately been back on the hardwood with his Purple and gold uniform. Sources say, Bynum has decided to be trained by Floyd Mayweather’s father Rogers during the offseason. Not sure if it’ll keep him off the injured list but guess we won’t know til next season.

Hope this isn’t in attempt to make Bynum “tougher”. This is basketball, not boxing of course.

Lebron James to be Minority Owner of English Soccer Team Liverpool Fc


Lebron James is quite the business man. Aside from the failure of “The Decision” this man knows how to do business. Micheal Jordan did it with the Bobcats. JayZ did it with the Nets. Now Lebron James is signing as a minority owner of the English soccer team Liverpool FC. Continue reading Lebron James to be Minority Owner of English Soccer Team Liverpool Fc