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Delonte West Releasing Mixtape Called "The Lockout" [Video]

Since he’s no longer rapping about Kentucky Fried Chicken, Delonte West is back in the stu ready to drop a mixtape titled “The Lockout”. We see what he’s doing with his spare time. Is this mixtape considered to be highly anticipated? Probably not.

Check out “The Lockout” album preview here and post your thoughts. It has more Likes than Dislikes on Youtube. That’s always a good sign, right Continue reading Delonte West Releasing Mixtape Called "The Lockout" [Video]

Ray Allen Calls the NBA Lockout "Embarrassing"

A basketball player has finally come out and spoken some sense about the lockout. While many players are coming forward sounding like cry babies with plugs in their ear to ANYTHING the owners are saying during this lockout, Ray Allen as come forward to say that the lockout is “almost embarrassing.”

“I look at Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Dr. J, and…the money we make, not only us players but as owners, the money that’s in the loop is so outstanding it’s almost embarrassing that we can make this type of money and we still haggle over what we haggle over,” Allen said. “It’s important that the game is at an all-time high, and those players in the [1970s] and ’80s, that generation, they built us to this point that we can afford the salaries that we all afford. We just have to always remember that we have to take the game to the next level, we gotta know that this is bigger than us, and we gotta make sure the game continues to grow.”

Preach on Jesus! Hey, we should all listen to Shuttlesworth over here. WWJD?

As the lockout ensues, it makes me question just a bit, what exactly are the players losing here? Basketball players make WAY more than football players, and while the owners are looking to take a bigger percentage, how much can a couple thousand hurt these guys when they have contracts like Joe Johnson of $117million?

The league wants to make changes to game, for example a hard salary cap along with a possible franchise tag. The players are making this war, it’ll be interesting to see which players come forward and agree with Ray.

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Video: Shaquille O'Neal Retirement Press Conference

The quotatious and great Shaquille O’Neal held his retirement press conference at his home in Orlando,Fl. The big fella talks about his career, where the NBA stands without him, and what he’s doing as a retired NBA player.

If you were one of the few that missed it, check out the video and a few side notes when you read on. Continue reading Video: Shaquille O'Neal Retirement Press Conference

Video:Glen "Big Baby" Davis Teaches Us How to Dougie

For comedy and entertainment purposes, here is another athlete teaching us how to Dougie. I personally don’t think an athlete does it better than John Wall, but if there’s one out there SHOW ME! By the way, while Big Baby teaches us how to Dougie, somebody teach this man how to make a free throw. =]


Serena Williams Visits Sean Kingston in ICU, Cassiie Melinda Jet Ski Passenger

Yesterday, Serena Williams visited Sean Kingston, who was injured during a jet ski accident over the weekend and we have the pics inside. Also, both Jonathan Rivera, the man who saved Sean, and Cassandra Sanchez also known as Cassiie Melinda, who was with Sean during the accident, are speaking out.   Continue reading Serena Williams Visits Sean Kingston in ICU, Cassiie Melinda Jet Ski Passenger

Have We Seen The Last Of Kevin Garnett, KG Said to Possibly Retire

It’s no secret that the guys of the “Big3” on the Boston Celtics are getting older and aren’t the same Championship team we’ve grown to fear against our favorite teams in the league. However, with an underwhelming performance against the Miami Heat in the second round, and with the NBA facing a possible lockout, we may have seen the last of Kevin Garnett in a Boston Celtics jersey, and on the hardwood. Continue reading Have We Seen The Last Of Kevin Garnett, KG Said to Possibly Retire

Coach Popovich Speaks Up About Rajon Rondo

Coach Pop can be described as a very serious, sometimes surly coach.

Therefore, when he made comments refuting comparisons to NY Knicks’ legend Willis Reed for injured Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo, it was not surprising. He dismissed the heroics, as ill advised as they may have been, of Rondo and said they were no greater than Manu Ginobili’s recovery from a sprained elbow. I do not have a medical degree but I think a sprained elbow is a far less detrimental injury than a dislocated elbow. Ginobili was playing with a slight twinge in his arm while Rondo was playing with only one. Continue reading Coach Popovich Speaks Up About Rajon Rondo

Sporty Chick: Callie Rivers, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers' Daughter

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It’s simple to say that Doc has raised his kids well. Although much talk has been spawned about his son Austin Rivers, graduate from Winter Park High School here in Orlando, now ready for Duke University, his daughter Callie at 5’11  is a star volleyball player at University of Florida.

Check out pics here of Callie and also follow her on twitter @CallieRivers25