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ESPY Playboy All-Star Party Kick-Off at Boulevard 3

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Last night me and Jackie from ThatSportsbabe.com had the opportunity to do red carpet coverage and enjoy the party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood where Playboy hosted the ESPYs All-Star Kick off. Many athletes were in attendence from football to basketball to boxing to even Olympic speed skaters, as well as top ESPN analyst and of course….Playboy Bunnies.

While Russell Westbrook told FCP he would hit the dougie for us Red Carpet style, Amare simply said he would leave the dougie to the younger guys, “Get Dwight to do it for you guys, he’ll do it” Amare jokingly said.

Amare Stoudemire was dressed flawless last night as he sported a cream get up with nice slacks.

Also, for inquiring minds, Amare arrived seeminly solo as Ciara was not on his arm in attendence.

Stay tuned later in the week for exclusive interviews and photos from the Red carpet and the party that happened inside! It was a spectacle.

Oh and I can’t forget, also open bar. Winning!

Pics: Playmate Jessica Burciaga is Floyd Mayweather's New Girlfriend

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Looks like Floyd “Money” Mayweather has moved on from Fiance Shantel Jackson to Playmate model Jessica Burciaga.

According to BSO,

50 Cent was celebrating his birthday with his BFF Money Mayweather in Vegas.

It appears Mayweather has dropped his previous lady Shantel Jackson and upgraded to Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga. Either that or she is just the flavor of the month.

Here she is with 50 Cent’s latest girl toy Daphene at the Party.

Continue on to see pics of Floyd Mayweather’s ex Fiance Shantel Jackson, who in my opinion is wayy badder than Miss Burciaga. What do you guys think? Continue reading Pics: Playmate Jessica Burciaga is Floyd Mayweather's New Girlfriend

Victor Ortiz Takes First Jab at Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He’s not Pacquiao, but Victor Ortiz may be the closest we get to fighting Mayweather.  Ortiz has already started throwing jabs at  Mayweather before the two even get into the ring. Mayweather is known to have a mouth piece on him so it’s only a matter of time before the two go back and forth.

 “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve said I’ll be the first to defeat Mayweather,” Ortiz told the Los Angeles Times yesterday. “And now I’m on the doorstep of making it true.”

Ortiz also didn’t shy away from taking the first of many shots at Mayweather. “Mayweather’s quick, he’s a great fighter,” Ortiz said, “but I’ve never been that impressed with his style.”

Not impressed with his style? Eh. Me either Ortiz. By the sounds of if, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ortiz was welcomed to the ring with the tunes of Nicki Minaj’s “Moment for life” song. He seems just alittle too excited for this fight.

Bella Gonzalez Says Pacquiao Made Shane Mosely His Bitch

By the choice of words here, I’d like to say that Miss Bella Gonzalez is most likely the man in the relationship between her and Shane Mosely. Not sure if Mosely is very fluent in spanish, but out friends over at BlackSportsOnline managed to get a video and translation of Bella and others during the underwhelming Pacquiao-Mosely fight that took place in Vegas early May.

Check out the video of Bella shouting to Mosely during the fight as well as a gallery of the beautiful lady. Continue reading Bella Gonzalez Says Pacquiao Made Shane Mosely His Bitch

Video: Roy Jones Jr Gets Knocked Out In Round 10 Vs. Denis Lebedev

If you didn’t know there was a fight yesterday or didn’t recognize Roy Jones Jr trending all day yesterday on twitter I am here to update you. Yesterday Roy Jones Jr took on Denis Lebedez in Moscow in the ring. In an embarrassing attempt, Jones was terminated by his competitor that may have lacked the knowledge and accomplishments of his competitor Jones. Check out the brutal KO in the 10th round. Continue reading Video: Roy Jones Jr Gets Knocked Out In Round 10 Vs. Denis Lebedev

Manny Pacquiao Says "It's Sinful to Use Condoms"

Many athletes must agree with Pacquiao in regards to the rubber man. As much as men brag about being in the “gold wrapper” club, many could care less about having one on. Guess it “feels” better to go raw. I wouldn’t know the sensation you guys get. Either way Manny recently gave us his views on condoms and contraceptives. Continue reading Manny Pacquiao Says "It's Sinful to Use Condoms"

Bernard Hopkins on Donovan McNabb: "He's got a suntan. That's all."


By: Nyhlaa Black ( @Nyhlaabee)

“Nice guy. I’d trust him around my kids.”

I’m not so sure Boxer Bernard Hopkins would want Donovan McNabb around his children after McNabb got a peep at the comments he made during a training session. Someone let me know what makes a person black enough. Should they have to turn to a life of crime, end up in prison and turn the Nation of Islam to get their African American membership? Hopkins needs to stick to what he knows. Continue reading Bernard Hopkins on Donovan McNabb: "He's got a suntan. That's all."