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Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Make PSA "Words Can Be Hurtful"

Okay.So the entire time I watched this video I just said “Are you kidding me? Are you frikin kidding me?” The video is LOW quality, Kobe does not seem sympathetic, and it seems very scripted. GLAAD has won this battle if you ask me and Kobe knows he messed up with this one. Hopefully the Lakers practice instead of making a PSA so they can win tonights game against the Hornets as they trail the series 1-0.

Video: Kobe Bryant says "I Used to Beat Up Kids In High School Who Teased my Gay Friends.."

It’s clear that Kobe is just out of words to say. It’s like he keeps digging himself in a hole that he’s not going to be able to get out of. I guess he’s still getting his head beat in about the gay slur he was caught mouthing during a televised game against the Spurs. Since, he’s been bashed by GLAAD and fined $100,000 by David Stern and the NBA.

Although the playoffs have began, Kobe seems to be the only person still bringing it up. He should just drop it, we are worried about the playoffs, not what happened during regular season. Get with it Kobe. Continue reading Video: Kobe Bryant says "I Used to Beat Up Kids In High School Who Teased my Gay Friends.."

Video:David Stern Hypocrite? Kevin Garnett Used Gay Slur and Fined a Whopping $0

GLAAD decided to take actions into their own hands and reach out to the NBA regarding Kobe Bryant’s anti gay slur in last nights game against the Spurs. After GLAAD spoke out David Stern decided to post a $100,000 with Kobe Bryant’s name written all over it. Back in 2008, Kevin Garnett got caught on camera saying the same phrase Kobe did. His punishment: $0 fine. Continue reading Video:David Stern Hypocrite? Kevin Garnett Used Gay Slur and Fined a Whopping $0

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Fined For Using Both F-bombs

Gay rights groups are jumping on Kobe Bryant’s back after he was caught by cameras during Tuesday nights game mouthing the words “Fu–ing Fa–_” to one one of the officials for calling a foul. Kobe has stated his actions “were out of frustration during the heat of the game.” Lakers having to play their starters to stay out of dropping one seed. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 by the NBA today and GLAAD applauds the decision. Not sure how much that’ll hurt his pockets tho. Kobe makes $302,515 per regular season game.BALLINN!!!  Kobe plans on making a televised appearence to address the anti gay slur.

Which NFL Stars Have Been Arrested Since Lockout?

NFL off-season is when we can expect the most erroneous stories to hit our Tvs. Even more so, this off-season has been different from others in the past and the players have more time on their hands due to the lockout and some are not even receiving a check. We can ALWAYS count on athletes to let us down. But I guess they are human just like the rest of us. Thanks to Fox Sports I got a list of a few. So which players have seen the cuffs since the lockout??

1. Vikings CB Chris Cook

Minnesota’s Chris Cook was arrested earlier this month for reportedly brandishing a gun during an altercation with a neighbor. There’s no reports if he was charged. Continue reading Which NFL Stars Have Been Arrested Since Lockout?

Lawsuit against NFL star Dez Bryant: Owes over $800k


Looks like somebody is spending money, without really spending it. A lawsuit has been filed against Cowboys’ Dez Bryant seeking over $850,000 from the star athlete. According to sources, Dez is owing back bills dating back to his college days.

Here’s the details:

In his lawsuit, Eleow Hunt of suburban Colleyville said he extended a line of credit to Bryant on the request of David Wells, the player’s adviser and a co-defendant in the case. The year before, Wells had allegedly done the same thing for his cousin, Michael Crabtree, then a standout receiver at Texas Tech who went on to become a first-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers. Hunt is seeking repayment for $588,500 in watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry; $15,850 for NBA and NFL tickets; and $11,000 in loans.Wells has only paid back about $15,000 of the outstanding debt.  (Read full story here ). Continue reading Lawsuit against NFL star Dez Bryant: Owes over $800k

NBA and the Secret Baby

In recent rumors, NBA All Stars Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks married to LaLa, Dwight howard of the Magic, and Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, also married, are rumored to have secret children. Both Melo and Bryant are happily married in the public eye and both have children with their wives. Whether this is new to them, it sure is new to the rest of us. Why keep a gift from god a secret? Well, these aren’t secrets any more. Continue reading NBA and the Secret Baby