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Ocho Cinco Shows That He Supports and Gets Down With the Hood Via Facebook

This photo though. Oh dear.

Our friends over at Ballertainment.com brought Mr. Chad Ochocinco to our attention who posted this photo on Facebook of himself hanging out in the Walnut Hills area of Cincinnati, OH (Chad is a Cincinnati Bengal, barring the current lockout) and folks have gone crazy.

Some of the comments have been outright bigoted and mean, while others have been supportive and light-hearted.

This guy will do anything for a reaction. I don’t think Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives was far fetched at all by calling this guy a media whore. That’s exactly what he is. But to each his own, and if any athlete has turned social media into an outlet for themselves to be known as a personality it is HIM!

If he wants to show some love to the hood, it’s his prerogative.

Chad Ochocinco to Take On Alligator Wrestling

Somebody tell this man to have a seat already, or give him a football. The NFL Lockout has caused Ocho Cinco to find other means of keeping himself busy and brining in money. He’s tried his go at soccer, bull riding, snake wrangling, rapping with Young Money, attempting to make twins with Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada, and now word has it that Ocho Cinco is going to take a gamble with Alligator Wrestling. Continue reading Chad Ochocinco to Take On Alligator Wrestling

Ocho Cinco Makes $210K in 1.5 Seconds Riding a Bull

If you put up money, there’s no doubt in my mind that Ocho Cinco won’t take up the offer. If Fear Factor was still out, I wouldn’t doubt either that Ocho would sign up for the Celebrity episode. Well, from soccer to Bull riding, Chad Ocho Cinco has found a means of making money, and keeping himself completely relevant. Watch the video of him Bull riding, plus his tweet in response to Deadspin. Continue reading Ocho Cinco Makes $210K in 1.5 Seconds Riding a Bull

Chad Ochocinco Should Bull Ride

By: Nyhlaa Black ( @Nyhlaabee)

Ocho Cinco is being offered $10,ooo to ride a bull.Would you turn down that offer?

For people who have yet to understand how much of a media whore Chad Ochocinco is, you should be ashamed of yourself. But, why should that be a problem? If you have the ability to show your face and get more money every time you do, why not? He is living every man’s dream. Well, besides the bull riding thing. Only about a handful of America, besides the professionals, would really cop to desiring to take part. Ochocinco should bull ride just because he wants to. Continue reading Chad Ochocinco Should Bull Ride

Ocho Cinco Comes for Marvin Lewis via Twitter

When Ocho Cinco isn’t tweeting about his snuggie or odd pets, he’s saying whatever comes to mind. Although the NFL lockout seems to be coming and going and players are not allowed to speak to coaches, it doesn’t keep them from talking about each other. Ocho Cinco went in this weekend as round 2 began between the two. Continue reading Ocho Cinco Comes for Marvin Lewis via Twitter