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JJ Barea and Girlfriend Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera Are Expecting a Baby

According to Puerto Rican Newspaper PrimeraHora.com, Barea and his girlfriend, former Ms. Universe Zuleyka Rivera are expecting their first child.

Here was her statement to the media:“All this took me by surprise, but I feel very lucky. I come from a very close family and I understand that a baby is a blessing. I’m sorry I had to leave this novel, it was another opportunity for my growth as an actress and achieve my professional goals. However, both JJ and I are happy to start a family together and I know God will reward us with a healthy baby and many more opportunities for both.”

JJ Barea pulled a bad one! She’s absolutely gorgeous and the two seem very happy together.

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Kevin Durant Doesn't Approve Next Season's NBA Schedule

Despite the NBA Lockout, the NBA has released the schedule for next season as if it will start on time as they have the Dallas Mavericks opening at Home Vs. the Chicago Bulls.

Kevin Durant recently got glimpse of the schedule and voiced his displeasure via twitter. Continue reading Kevin Durant Doesn't Approve Next Season's NBA Schedule

NBA Releasing 2011-2012 Schedule, Lockout Not Lifting Anytime Soon

While almost every big name in the league is pushing for an overseas contract or at least not ruling one out, the NBA seems to be holding onto a weak strand of hope. Everyone reading this understands the inevitable. There will most likely be an incredibly short season, if we are able to experience one at all.

Deron Williams was one of the first to ink a deal in Turkey and expressed his feelings on how the lockout will affect NBA players in the long term. ESPN reports that there will be a few interesting match ups to look forward to in the first half of the season, including Dallas raising their championship banner, the first ever in the history of the franchise.

Sources told ESPN.com that the schedule, as it stands, calls for the Mavericks to open the season Nov. 1 at home against the Chicago Bulls and raise their championship banner. But since the league imposed a lockout at 12:01 a.m. on July 1, owners and players have yet to even lock in a date to resume labor negotiations, with pessimism rising leaguewide about the season starting on time as the sides remain miles apart in their demands.

It is embarrassing for the league to admit that they are losing money to the tune of $300 million+. But, how much more embarrassing will it be to see players remain overseas even after a deal gets done? As far apart as the owners and the players are, expect this lockout to grow increasingly ugly as each side grows more agitated because they are heading in two separate directions for the league’s future.

Shawn Marion Kicks Off Reality Show Taping with a Trophy Pool Party

NBA Champion Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks recently announced his reality show that he was taping called “The Ladies in My Life” , a show surrounding him and the women of influence around him ( Yuup exactly like the T.O. Show but we won’t shade him right now). Anyways, he brought the cameras to a pool party he threw where he showcased the NBA Championship Trophy around.

Are the multiple trophies tho? Because this damn trophy has been to the club at Liv, in the hands of Young Money, in the bathroom with Marc Cuban, and now at a Shawn Marion’s pool party. Oh. Okay.

Continue reading Shawn Marion Kicks Off Reality Show Taping with a Trophy Pool Party