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Letter to the Commissioner: Dear David Stern

Dear Mr.David Stern,

           I come to you as a fan of the game, an avid viewer of the regular season and playoffs and we have beef. It is only approaching the second games in the first round of the 2011 playoffs and I am going to need you to do something about these refs. If this continues, we will have major problems sir. The horrible calls that have been called in such close games have made me question the validity of the outcome and if you have something to do with it.

Game 1 the Celtics barely clenched the victory over the Knicks that had held the lead for the majority of the game. With a minute remaining in the game the refs made 2 crucial calls. The first call was the offensive foul called on Melo as he stood beyond the arch. This is not the call you make with the game on the line and less than a minute remaining. This call eventually led to a wide open 3 by Ray Allen which won them the game. But might I add the reason Allen was so wide open was because the refs didn’t make a call on Garnett tripping one of the Knicks players.Both of these calls could have possibly resulted in a different outcome if called correctly. Continue reading Letter to the Commissioner: Dear David Stern

Video:David Stern Hypocrite? Kevin Garnett Used Gay Slur and Fined a Whopping $0

GLAAD decided to take actions into their own hands and reach out to the NBA regarding Kobe Bryant’s anti gay slur in last nights game against the Spurs. After GLAAD spoke out David Stern decided to post a $100,000 with Kobe Bryant’s name written all over it. Back in 2008, Kevin Garnett got caught on camera saying the same phrase Kobe did. His punishment: $0 fine. Continue reading Video:David Stern Hypocrite? Kevin Garnett Used Gay Slur and Fined a Whopping $0

Video: Eva Longoria has Wardrobe Malfunction

And the Dummy Award is still sitting on Tony Parker’s fireplace. The gorgeous Eva Longoria was on the Late Night Show with David Letterman last night where she promoted her new cookbook Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family & Friends. She looked breathtaking in a navy blue feminine cut blazer with matching shorts. Maybe she’s Kim Kardashian in the bedroom, boring and whack, but either way this woman is stunning AND can cook so I still don’t see the reason to for Parker to go out and cheat. My final answer: the bedroom. Period. Anyway, here’s a clip (thanks to JocksandStilettoJill) from the show of Eva and her wardrobe malfunction. I watched it multiple times to see if I could catch a quick glimpse.