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Letter to the Commissioner: Dear David Stern

Dear Mr.David Stern,

           I come to you as a fan of the game, an avid viewer of the regular season and playoffs and we have beef. It is only approaching the second games in the first round of the 2011 playoffs and I am going to need you to do something about these refs. If this continues, we will have major problems sir. The horrible calls that have been called in such close games have made me question the validity of the outcome and if you have something to do with it.

Game 1 the Celtics barely clenched the victory over the Knicks that had held the lead for the majority of the game. With a minute remaining in the game the refs made 2 crucial calls. The first call was the offensive foul called on Melo as he stood beyond the arch. This is not the call you make with the game on the line and less than a minute remaining. This call eventually led to a wide open 3 by Ray Allen which won them the game. But might I add the reason Allen was so wide open was because the refs didn’t make a call on Garnett tripping one of the Knicks players.Both of these calls could have possibly resulted in a different outcome if called correctly. Continue reading Letter to the Commissioner: Dear David Stern

Video:Kevin Durant Speaks On Game1 Win Over the Nuggets

The game between Denver and Oklahome City was nothing less than what I expected. This series is the one in the west that I feel can go either way. Both teams are fast, uptempo, and offensive teams. Neither team played much defense last night except for Serge Ibaka who showed up on both ends of the court making it a block party. OKC came out with the 107-103 victory over the Nuggets. Continue reading Video:Kevin Durant Speaks On Game1 Win Over the Nuggets

Allen Iverson Gets Lambo Impounded by Atlanta Police

Before I begin, I must say I had a problem with giving Mr. Iverson here a title. NBA player? Overseas Turkey Extraordinair? Retire NBA great? Sissy boy? I’m going to leave that part of to you guys. In other news, if you’re in Atlanta and driving around in a Lamborghini, oh and your last name is Iverson, it’s probably a smart thing to have all of your paperwork for your vehicle.

Iverson was recently pulled over in Atlanta for having an expired tag. No drugs or weapons were found during the search. Continue reading Allen Iverson Gets Lambo Impounded by Atlanta Police

Kenyon Martin moves on After Trina to New Girl


…And the new girl isn’t so new. According to MEDIATAKEOUT.COM Kenyon Martin was spotted this weekend in Miami with ex wife Heather. Kenyon previously left his wife for rapper Trina. Well it looks like Kenyon went back to what he knows best. Kenyon and Heather were married for 5 years and have 3 kids together. According to “reliable sources”, the couple seemed very engaging and very so back together. I wish these two the best. Below is a pic of Kenyon and ex-wife Heather.

Back as the King of NY

After a long,drawn out ordeal of the future of Syracuse Alumni Carmelo Anthony and where his future would take him, he decided to go back to where it all started–The Big Apple. With the mid season trade that transformed Knicks as a true playoff contender–although I preferred and enjoyed watching the talented Raymond Felton and Wilson Chandler in Blue and Orange– the Knicks have added to the competition and toughness of Eastern Conference. Continue reading Back as the King of NY