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ESPY Playboy All-Star Party Kick-Off at Boulevard 3

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Last night me and Jackie from ThatSportsbabe.com had the opportunity to do red carpet coverage and enjoy the party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood where Playboy hosted the ESPYs All-Star Kick off. Many athletes were in attendence from football to basketball to boxing to even Olympic speed skaters, as well as top ESPN analyst and of course….Playboy Bunnies.

While Russell Westbrook told FCP he would hit the dougie for us Red Carpet style, Amare simply said he would leave the dougie to the younger guys, “Get Dwight to do it for you guys, he’ll do it” Amare jokingly said.

Amare Stoudemire was dressed flawless last night as he sported a cream get up with nice slacks.

Also, for inquiring minds, Amare arrived seeminly solo as Ciara was not on his arm in attendence.

Stay tuned later in the week for exclusive interviews and photos from the Red carpet and the party that happened inside! It was a spectacle.

Oh and I can’t forget, also open bar. Winning!

DeSean Jackson Apologizes For Reaction To Radio Show Caller

After taking to Twitter to express his disdain for the public reaction to his statements on the “All Out Show” with Rude Jude, which should be wholeheartedly discouraged for anyone with a bit of notoriety, DeSean Jackson has once again taken to the social network to express his sorrow for his actions.


“I am sorry for using words that I know to be hurtful and unacceptable in a recent radio interview.” he wrote. “Intolerance is unacceptable and I apologize to anyone I have offended. … I have made a mistake and would like to make it clear that words I used meant no disrespect to the Gay and Lesbian community.”

It is no longer a matter of whether his fans believe him or not. This is just living up to the worldwide debate of whether or not athletes are abusing their social networking privileges. It will become so strained that players are going to have to consult their agents or PR representatives every time they think about even logging in. The situation with athletes and Twitter would not become such a problem if so many did not use it as a public forum to express things that should be kept behind professional doors. Continue reading DeSean Jackson Apologizes For Reaction To Radio Show Caller

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Hangs out, Skate Boards and Go Karts at Fantasy Factory

DeSean Jackson recently hung out with his Jaccpot crew at Rob Dyrdeks Fanstasy Factory. He made sure to sample all of the activites that the park has to offer. During the lockout, DeSeasn should look into BMX. He seemed to be enjoying himself on the ramps. I personally am too scared to do that. I will play Tony Hawk with a controller, but I’m not gettin out there on those ramps.

Desean seems to be having a blast, this is something he can afford to do, however dropping $25k at a club, not so sure about that.

Anyway, check the video out here. Continue reading Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Hangs out, Skate Boards and Go Karts at Fantasy Factory

Pics:Mandii B Takes Las Vegas

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So my Vegas virginity was broken this weekend as I took on Vegas this weekend for the Pacquiao-Mosely festivities that encountered the city. I know I was having too much fun by the lack of pictures taken but here’s a few images from my amazing trip. I met some pretty amazing people along the way, met up with old friends, and partied til the sun came up.

Continue reading Pics:Mandii B Takes Las Vegas