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Kentucky Fried Chicken And Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade About To Cut A Deal

Even though Wade was probably joking when he posted the tweet asking, “Who was hiring?” in the wake of the NBA lockout, KFC is looking to get Wade back to work as quick as possible. Apparently, the deal goes as follows:

The fried chicken chain says it will make a donation to its own scholarship fund in the Miami Heat guard’s name — if he serves as an honorary captain at a drive-thru window. A company spokeswoman says the donation offer is $250,000.

How wild would it be to drive up to the window at a KFC down the block and see your favorite NBA star handing you your two-piece and a biscuit. I wonder how Wade sounds saying, “Would you like a drink with that?”

Don’t let the TMobile commercials fool you.


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LeBron Receiving All The Heat In Miami, But There Were Two Other Guys On Stage

The day has come.

It is time for everyone to sit back and evaluate what a sham of a union Miami Heat was over this past summer and how they came up short when it mattered most. It is time for fans to become fans once again as they are united by the fact that LeBron has yet to win a ring and Dirk Nowitzki finally has his first. I woke up this morning and turned on ESPN as I do every other day.

Today, however, seems like the day where congratulations are not so much in order for Dirk as the humiliation is for LeBron and the Miami Heat.

I do not separate his name from the bunch because I believe he is more important than any other player, even though I do. I did it because even though Miami as a whole lost the series and Dwyane Wade had two uncharacteristic turnovers down the stretch, James is receiving the lions’ share of the blame for how this series turned out.

Can you blame anyone for handing him all the credit for the loss? Not averaging at least 20+ in the Finals is not an intangible that you label superstar athletes with. In fact, you could say that some of the greatest we have ever seen thrive in the moments where the pressure cooker is the highest and the most is expected of them.

Great players deliver above and beyond expectations, while LeBron seemed to skip away from the responsibility that he has to this Miami organization. Although all of these things may be true, let us not forget the other two players on the team that were expected to deliver multiple rings to the franchise. LeBron was not the only man on that stage during the preseason Championship celebration. Continue reading LeBron Receiving All The Heat In Miami, But There Were Two Other Guys On Stage

Mavericks' Deshawn Stevenson Talks About Miami's Hollywood Tendencies On The Court

Some people may not remember this but LeBron James and Deshawn Stevenson have not been fond of each other for a while now, regardless of the fact that the beef may have trailed off since JayZ’s diss record about Deshawn Stevenson that premiered at Love in D.C. Disrespectful to say the least, but those types of things happen in the league. Fast forward to the NBA Finals, Stevenson is highlighting something that most people are thinking when watching the Heat play. They complain a lot to the referees, but criticizing them for it is beyond me.

Via Slam Online

‘They’re great, great actors and they sell it.’ … ‘Coach said it before the series we have a chance to push the ball like we like because [Wade] complains to the ref a lot,’ Stevenson said. ‘We’ve got to take advantage of that. They tend to do that and we’ve got to take full advantage of that … He does it all the time. He did it like seven times [Sunday].’

It is a part of the game, and if I had a nickel for every time either team complained to the refs, I would be walking around with Bill Gates’ pockets. This is the Finals. Whatever edge a player can get, they will exploit to the highest degree, because at the end of the day, no one glorifies second place.

Coach Spoelstra Saw Miami's Collapse Coming When They Were Up By Double Digits

Up double digits with less than six minutes in the second half, Coach Spoelstra called a timeout for his Miami Heat team. Dirk Nowitzki had just hit a short range jumper and Spoelstra saw something on the horizon that his team was not prepared for: The resurgence of Dirk Nowitzki and his clutch gene.

Not only did they get a first class spanking in the eye of one of the greatest pure scorers of all time, but it was in their own house nonetheless. The Dallas Mavericks rallied from 15 behind and put on a 22-5 clinic in the last moments of game two to even the playing field going into American Airlines for game three. Dwyane Wade and company had to sit back and watch everything they had just achieved be flushed down the toilet by the superstar efforts of Dirk. Continue reading Coach Spoelstra Saw Miami's Collapse Coming When They Were Up By Double Digits

Does Omer Asik Season Ending Injury Mean Anything To Chicago Bulls?

If you don’t know already, Omer Asik will not be stepping onto the court for the next two months due to a fractured fibula. I can only imagine how this is going over in the Chicago Bulls lockerroom right now.

Derrick Rose, dealing with a botched play that ultimately determined the direction of the game in overtime, must think about restructuring his own game as well as filling the defensive holes that Asik is leaving behind. Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah have been productive in the series, but neither has given enough to stop the efforts of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and at small moments Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers. Continue reading Does Omer Asik Season Ending Injury Mean Anything To Chicago Bulls?