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Mike Vick Promotes Tougher Laws For Dog Fighting On Captiol Hill [Video]

I’d say that Michael Vick has apologized enough. Vick has even gotten his endorsement back from Nike. If Nike has accepted his apology, wouldn’t you say we all have? *giggles

We know you fought dogs and paid the time for that, but must you keep publicly speaking on the act. We all believe that Mike Vick has learned his lesson, or atleast I do, but his PR needs to keep him away from reliving the past and STILL speaking up against dog fighting. In my opinion.

What is your opinion on Mike Vick promoting now tougher laws for dog fighting?

Bernard Hopkins on Donovan McNabb: "He's got a suntan. That's all."


By: Nyhlaa Black ( @Nyhlaabee)

“Nice guy. I’d trust him around my kids.”

I’m not so sure Boxer Bernard Hopkins would want Donovan McNabb around his children after McNabb got a peep at the comments he made during a training session. Someone let me know what makes a person black enough. Should they have to turn to a life of crime, end up in prison and turn the Nation of Islam to get their African American membership? Hopkins needs to stick to what he knows. Continue reading Bernard Hopkins on Donovan McNabb: "He's got a suntan. That's all."

Eye Candy: Philadephia Eagles DeSean Jackson

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I hope I keep you ladies coming back to see who I have up next as Eye Candy. Since it’s still a lockout I figured we’d keep the chains,whips, and well handcuffs ready…and throw away the key. This week’s Eye Candy Athlete is DeSean Jackson, Wide Reciever for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. Continue reading Eye Candy: Philadephia Eagles DeSean Jackson

Which NFL Stars Have Been Arrested Since Lockout?

NFL off-season is when we can expect the most erroneous stories to hit our Tvs. Even more so, this off-season has been different from others in the past and the players have more time on their hands due to the lockout and some are not even receiving a check. We can ALWAYS count on athletes to let us down. But I guess they are human just like the rest of us. Thanks to Fox Sports I got a list of a few. So which players have seen the cuffs since the lockout??

1. Vikings CB Chris Cook

Minnesota’s Chris Cook was arrested earlier this month for reportedly brandishing a gun during an altercation with a neighbor. There’s no reports if he was charged. Continue reading Which NFL Stars Have Been Arrested Since Lockout?