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VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Fined For Using Both F-bombs

Gay rights groups are jumping on Kobe Bryant’s back after he was caught by cameras during Tuesday nights game mouthing the words “Fu–ing Fa–_” to one one of the officials for calling a foul. Kobe has stated his actions “were out of frustration during the heat of the game.” Lakers having to play their starters to stay out of dropping one seed. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 by the NBA today and GLAAD applauds the decision. Not sure how much that’ll hurt his pockets tho. Kobe makes $302,515 per regular season game.BALLINN!!! ┬áKobe plans on making a televised appearence to address the anti gay slur.

JayZ Being Investigated by NBA After Congratulating Kentucky for Making the Final Four

The mens basketball team of Kentucy had a surprise awaiting them in front of the locker room after their unsuspecting win over UNC to advance to the NCAA Final Four. Aside being a well known as a rapper and Label owner, Jay Z also is a partial owner of the NBA Franchise in New Jersey. The issue at hand is that NBA personel are not allowed to have contact with college players before they enter the draft. Jay Z could possibly be hit with a fine. The NBA cites a previous case where back in 2007 Celtics GM Danny Ainge┬ásat with Kevin Durant’s mom during the Big 12 Tournament. Ainge was later fined $30,000. There’s also a video of the excitement the boys had when greeted by Mr. Jay Z.